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Guitar idea? How to play efficiently?

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  • Guitar idea? How to play efficiently?

    Hello Sir/Madam/Miss

    As stated in title, i would like to have your suggestion of guitar class on how to play it efficiently.Mainly about main element, envoy path, weapon specialization. Ofc, if you throw in skill rotation, I will gladly accepted it. Btw, i just have guitar classed from the event and then stuck on SOE/90s dgs which i can cleared it with my lancer. My gears is lvl 70s 5 starred sniper set +20 , guitar and sorc free weapon and fire/thunder/ice ele trophy, guzigla and law of past and future.
    I have noct weap for Hs,Rav,Shuri. Yet this classes did not have combo with guitar so idk if they are suitable with guitar.

    Mount: 2% noct, 30% dmg to storm,20% dmg to ice, 20% dmg to holy.

    Your suggestion and ideas will be appreciated.Forgive my grammar mistakes as i typed it on my phone. Hahaha
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    No news? or no one playing Performer class?


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      I don't play Performer, however, upon checking Discord, there are discussions on the topic of how to build, play and specialize.