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[Guide] Basic Information

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  • [Guide] Basic Information

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    0. Unique Features
    1. Installation
    2. Manual Patch
    3. Getting Started
    4. Buffs
    5. Useful Links
    6. Fortification
    7. Star Evolution System
    8. World Boss
    9. Eidolon
    10. Sky Tower/Fantasy (Raid)

    No gold bots
    a lot of costumes
    more content than OS
    items are much cheaper here
    Customized Valor/War Coin NPC
    weekly discounts & special offers
    ne 120-Slot Backpack for every account
    stay online for +3h to receive 12 AP every day
    every dungeon boss gives you 10 LP and 4x gold
    most of the dungeon have their reset times halved
    you can earn Bonus Points (BP) by spending AP (10 AP = 1 BP)
    you can purchase an unlimited amount of 200 RC for 274 LP each
    boxes (f.e. weapon crates, fishies, recipes, etc.) give you 2 items instead of one
    Fortification Potential doesn't reset when you successfully increase the level of your equipment
    Necros start at Lv55 and require 3-5 quests to reach Lv60 (Other classes start at Lv1 as usual)
    and much more!

    Go to http://aurakingdom.to, create an account & login. Click "Download" and get the Installer and open it. Once the installer is done, you can run the setup. After the installation is complete, you can run the Launcher as an admin to update the client and the game is ready to play!


    There are also updated clients from users/GMs out there. To see the most updated clients, click here!

    Note: Make sure to deactivate your antivirus software or add game.bin & launcher.exe to the exclusion list since Launcher and game.bin can give a false positive

    In case your antivirus deleted your Launcher.exe: Download link

    Aura often uploads a manual patch after every maintenance. It allows you to fasten the update process of your client and it is highly recommended to use it.
    The manual patch can be found at the Maintenance section on this forum
    Click on the latest maintenance thread and you can find a manual patch at the end of Aura's post.

    Download the manual patch, move the file to your Aura Kingdom folder and run it by pressing comfirm.

    When the patching is done, the manual patch automatically closes. Now you can delete the manual patch to clean your pc, run the Launcher as an Administrator to rebuild your client and you are done.

    Do you encounter a bugsplat error whenever you open the client and do you have a NVIDIA graphic card?

    Update your graphic drivers and see if it helps. If it didn't work, follow the instructions of one of these threads:
    Temporary Nvidia Bugsplat Fix
    Bugsplat error

    How to bypass the Launcher

    Open your game folder and check if there is a game.bin file. If that is the case, re-name it to client.exe. Afterwards create a shortcut of the game.exe file and place it wherever you want to (f. e. the Desktop). Right click the game.exe shortcut, open the "Properties" and edit the Destination as follows: place >> EasyFun << right after the destination address

    By opening the shortcut you will bypass the Launcher and directly open the client, but make sure to keep the game files up-to-date by running the Launcher after every update.

    (Click this if you need a more detailed instruction)

    Because the Exp rate is increased, you can easily reach Lv80+ just by doing the main story and some solos and your gear plays a secondary role..
    Do the main story until you are able to pick a sub class.
    Now get a Nocturnal blue weapon from the weapon NPC for your sub.


    How to get a nocturnal blue weapon:

    In order to do that, go to Navea and talk to the Weapon Merchant Sergei.

    Buy Lv8 weapons for your sub until you obtained one with a Nocturnal effect. If you picked Crusader as a sub class, you should aim for something like this:

    Use that sub weapon until you get a Orange Nocturnal Lv80 weapon.


    Continue the main story. You can use Green Lv10-55 gears until you unlocked the 3 Lv55 maps: Ventos Prairie, Oblitus Wood and Star Sand Desert.

    Once you unlock the 3 maps, you can do the Solo modes of the Lv55 dungeons: Wrathborne Temple, Ghostweep Cave and Ozymand Temple. The last boss of every Lv55 dungeon gives you one Lv60 Unrefined Armor Box which will drop 2 random Orange Lv60 gears. That will help you clear the Solo modes from higher level dungeons.

    If you are a new player or you are not used to the game mechanics yet, get:

    Titan Warrior Headgear
    Titan Warrior Battle Coat
    Wrist Wraps of the Devourer
    Boots of the Devourer
    Sash of the Devourer

    If you are a veteran, use a full Devourer Set to deal more damage.

    Maldonak's Dark Claw
    Caroline's Intent

    Main Weapon:
    Green weapon from chests

    Star evolve your gear and fortify them to +9 if you wish to. Once you hit Lv66 and finish the Lv55 main story you will have access to Rainmist Reach and Emerald Marsh. The dungeons Titan's Root and Cadilla Felwood are located there and drop Lv70 EQ. Spam the solos as often as possible and beat the last boss in order to obtain a Lv70 Unrefined Armor Box which will drop 2 random Orange Lv70 gears. Your goal is to get a full Sniper Set. If you have trouble clearing the solo dungeons, fortify your set to get stronger.

    Continue your main story until you unlock Silent Ice Field and do Frozenlea Plains to get a "Crafting Recipe: Guzigla's Bloodied Sharp Tooth". Craft a Orange Lv70 Guzigla Sharp Tooth and replace it with Caroline's Intent. Craft a Orange Lv70 weapon or buy a Gold Lv75 weapon for your main class and fortify the weapon to +9. Follow the story line and do solos to get Lv80 and further beyond! Once you have no more main quests there is only one thing left to do:

    Spam dungeons till u drop ded :^)

    • Mounts are Amulets now. Golden Mounts can give you bonus stats and can be equiped. The mount can be found in your character window (press C). To use the mount, press Shift + R. The hotkey can be changed.
    • Do all kinds of solo dungeons to farm gold. Use the gold to buy Lv80 Damned Recipes (Orange Lv80 gear) from the auction and craft your Lv80 set and weapons. You can also get the Damned Recipes from Adventure Encyclopedia for 30k golden dragon points.
    • I would advice you to use Bestial or Imperial Cores on the armor parts and Destroyer and Nocturnal for your main/sub weapon. You can use a random core instead of Destroyer if you can't afford it and keep using the Nocturnal weapon from the NPC if you don't manage to get a Nocturnal Lv80 weapon.
    • Farm as many dungeons as you can and do Sky Tower on every weekend. By doing that you can obtain plenty DP and LP. (Especially Otherworld: Port Skandia, Helonia and Crescent Hill since the (mini) bosses drop lots of LP)
    • You can use the DP through the Adventure Encyclopedia to get masteries such as Best Defense.
    • LP can be used for Ruby Coins, if you really need the goodies that are available on the Paragon table. Keep in mind that playing para can cause addiction. Don't spend all your LP on the paragon and save them up to get Advanced and Superior scrolls for your gear.
    • For starters, fishing is a good way to earn money. Buy the normal bait from a Fishing NPC and afk-fish (activate fishing but dont hit the fish button) in Vultures Vale or higher maps. Green fish can drop Weapon Crates. Open them and sell the weapons to the NPC. If you are lazy you can sell the Weapon Crates without opening them. You will lose some gold by doing that.

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    [Guide]Basic Information
    AKTO References

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    Other information that might be useful:

    General Skills: Anything you like
    Attack Spec: Zeal
    Advanced Skills: Anything you like
    Defense Spec: Extreme Speed
    Tactical Spec: Break Defense
    Special Skills: The Best Defense*
    * until you can cap def without it

    Elemental Weapons:

    All skills have elements attached to them. By using the same weapon element (except from violent [the fist icon] ) as your skills, you will deal an additional 20% damage from your attacks.

    Best elements for all classes:

    Guardian: Lightning
    Ravager: Fire
    Duelist: Ice(Single Target), Holy (AoE)
    Gunslinger: Storm
    Grenadier: Fire (Novice) / Lightning (Advanced)
    Bard: Storm
    Wizard: Ice
    Sorcerer: Dark, Fire
    Katar: Fire
    Bow: Holy (Holy Build), Dark (Dark Build)
    Tachi: Storm
    Scythe: Dark
    Crusader: Lightning (Main class), Holy (Sub)
    Shuriken: Storm
    Lancer: Dark

    Elemental Armors:

    The Armor element (except from violent) of your gear will result in less damage taken from a skill of the same element. For example, if you wear a Fire armor, you will take less damage from incoming fire attacks.

    Stat priority:
    Spd > Crit > Dmg
    Def > HP > Eva

    Stat caps:
    Crit: 100%
    Speed: 50%
    Def: 80%*
    Eva: 95%**
    * Guardians are able to increase the def cap by 5%
    ** Duelists are able to increase the eva cap by 2%

    Overcapped DEF will convert to HP
    Overcapped SPD will convert to a chance to make a double strike.
    Ex. With 58% Speed comes 8% chance of proccing the zeal.
    Bonus Damage is 50%.

    Overcap limit is 20%
    You can see the bonus amount by hovering your cursor over DEF/SPD stats.

    Capped Attack Speed (2hits/sec):
    Guardian: 77% Speed
    Ravager: 81% Speed
    Duelist: 72% Speed
    Gunslinger: 67% Speed
    Grenadier: 78% Speed
    Bard: 72% Speed
    Wizard: 77% Speed
    Sorcerer: 75% Speed
    Katar: 69% Speed
    Bow: 74% Speed
    Tachi: 72% Speed
    Scythe: 75% Speed
    Crusader: 75% Speed
    Shuriken: 77% Speed
    Lancer: 74% Speed
    Speed is capped at 50%, so you require an Eidolon that gives you an additional 25% Attack Speed Buff to cap attack speed. Eidolons such as Eligos, Yarnaros, Bel-Chandra, etc. provide that bonus. You can also use a One/Two-Star Eidolon Reroll Scroll to re-roll your Eidolon Star bonus to get that. If your class require more than 75% speed, get Secret Stones that provide 2% Attack Speed or 2% Spd (only adds 1% Attack Speed).

    Note: The first and the second star bonus can't be identical. F.e. if the 1st Star gives you 25% Atk Speed, the 2nd Star can not give you another 25% Atk Speed. Same goes for the 3rd and 4th star.

    Navea Buffs

    Cactakara Forest Buffs


    AKTO References (RECOMMENDED)
    Aura Kingdom DB
    Basics: Crafting
    Baics: Guardian Knight
    Optimizing PvE Dmg (JUMPCASTING!)
    Aura Kingdom Abbreviations
    Boss DMG and Elemental DMG
    Damage Calculator
    Envoy Simulator
    Crafting Probabilities
    Eido Star Reroll Possibilities
    AK Quiz Cheat Sheet
    Achievement Guide: Conversation
    Achievement Guide: Oddity
    Compilation for Digging, Alchemy, PRAYER, Fishing, Cooking, Card Duel
    Duel Card Locations
    Sky Tower Hell Basics
    Orange & Yellow Weapon Glows (all classes except for lancer)
    Lancer Weapon Glows

    Technical Fixes

    Engraved Liberation disappeared
    Collection of solutions and fixes

    Fortification upgrades your equipment. Weapons gain additional dmg, Armors gain def and Accessories gain dmg & HP.

    In order to fortify your gear, you require 3 things:

    1. Fragments

    Fragments are used for every fortification attempt and can be earned by salvaging items above Lv10.
    To salvage gear, you need to open your Inventory and click on the Hammer icon:

    You'll obtain different numbers of fragments based on the level and quality of the equipment.

    You can see the amount of fragments that is required once you placed an item in the fortification window:

    2. Fortification Scrolls

    Every fortification uses up one scroll. There are 3 kinds of scrolls in this game:

    Armor/Weapon/Accessory Fortification Scroll
    - allows you to upgrade your item up to +9
    - Armor/Weapon: can be obtained by killing normal monsters on all maps, in Otherworld: Emerald Marsh and from the Continous Login Reward (Day 5-9)
    - Accessory: can be obtained in Otherworld: Emerald Marsh and in Sealed Chronicle Books

    Advanced Armor/Weapon/Accessory Fortification Scroll
    - allows you to upgrade your item up to +20
    - Armor/Weapon: starting from Crescent Hill you can obtain them by completing a map's main story and from the Continous Login Reward (Day 10)
    - Accessory: can only be obtained in Sealed Chronicle Books

    Superior Armor/Weapon/Accessory Fortification Scroll
    - allows you to upgrade your item up to +30
    - doesn't drop from any monster or box

    All scrolls are available in the Item Mall and Loyalty Shop.

    3. The equipment

    Once you have all ingredients to fortify your gear, right click the scroll you want to use and a Fortification Window will appear. Now right click the gear you want to upgrade and if you want to continue the fortification process until the scrolls go out or you don't have enough fragments you can tick the "Amount" box. When you have everything set, press "Fortify" to start the upgrade.

    - Fortification your equipment can also fail, but the equipment and the fortification level will not disappear.
    - If a fortification fails, the "Potential" bar goes up.
    - If the bar gets above 100, the fortification will automatically succeed.
    - Reaching a threshold will unlock additional buffs:

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    [Guide]Basic Information
    AKTO References


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      Star Evolving your gear gives you additional stats - weapons gain an increase of dmg and armor parts gain an increase of HP. This feature doesn't work on accessories and trophies.

      Only gear that have stars displayed in their item description can be evolved:

      To evolve your desired item, you require an additional item of the same kind with the same amount of stars which will be used as fodder. The Element and Dmg/Def Bonus % doesn't have to be identical. One evolution gives your item one additional star.

      That means you require 32x 0★ items of the same kind to make one 5★ item:

      0★ Deadly Curse Robe + 0★ Deadly Curse Robe => 1★ Deadly Curse Robe (2x 0★)
      1★ Deadly Curse Robe + 1★ Deadly Curse Robe => 2★ Deadly Curse Robe (4x 0★)
      2★ Deadly Curse Robe + 2★ Deadly Curse Robe => 3★ Deadly Curse Robe (8x 0★)
      3★ Deadly Curse Robe + 3★ Deadly Curse Robe => 4★ Deadly Curse Robe (16x 0★)
      4★ Deadly Curse Robe + 4★ Deadly Curse Robe => 5★ Deadly Curse Robe (32x 0★)

      First, talk to a Blacksmith (f.e. Analisa @ Navea) and press "I want to activate Star Level Evolution":

      Place the item you want to evolve in the upper slot and the fodder in the lower slot:

      In this example, I plan to evolve my Violent Deadly Curse Robe (106%) and sacrifice the Holy Deadly Curse Robe (100%).
      Both items have 0 stars, so I will receive a one star Violent Deadly Curse Robe after the evolution is done:

      The bonus stats will be displayed with an orange font

      The players on this server mainly hunt Banoleth & Bisolen, world bosses that spawn in Vulture's Vale and Blizzard Berg every 4hours, starting at 12:00 AM. In order to hunt the world bosses, also known as "goats", you have to be Level 60 and unlocked Vulture's Vale and Blizzard Berg by doing the main story. They drop plenty of LP and don't spawn on all channels at the same time, but spawn successively, starting from Channel 1 to Channel 4.

      Banoleth's spawn location: Vulture's Vale

      Schedule: ( 12 AM | 4 AM | 8 AM | 12 PM | 4 PM | 8 PM )
      on every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday

      Bisolen's spawn location: Blizzard Berg

      Schedule: ( 12 AM | 4 AM | 8 AM | 12 PM | 4 PM | 8 PM )
      on every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday

      Note: when you walk to Bisolen, it is best to use the "Portal to Meriland Outpost"

      Edit: Due to the long waiting times and little rewards it is not worth doing goat.

      Eidolons are companions that can give you additional buffs and sometimes have useful skills that aid you during a battle such as def shred, heal effects, movement speed buffs etc.

      To obtain an Eidolon you require a key which can be forged by gathering 10 key fragments.

      Here's a quick overview of how to get Eidolons:

      - Starter Eidolons that you get through the main story: Gigas, Aelius, Sigrun, Uzuriel

      - Eidolon Energy Crystals(EEC) drop in many dungeons. You can trade 100 EECs to the Researcher at the Guild Hall to get one Summoning Device which can be used to spawn two random Eidolon in the Guild Hall.

      - By accumulating dragon points you can also obtain key fragments, f. e. :

      5x Snow White's Key Fragments when you farmed 160.000 DP.
      The DP Bonus Program resets & changes every month.

      - Temple of Eidolons, Gaia's Sanctuary and Sanctuary of Eidolon Trials are instances that are especially made for you to obtain keys and key fragments. The portal to the instances are located at Crescent Hill:

      - Bealdor, Alucard and Hel keys & key fragments can be obtained in the Sky Tower

      - Nazrudin keys & key fragments can be obtained in Whirlpool Abyss which is located in Helonia City

      - Zaahir keys & key fragments can be obtained in Infernal Abyss which is located in Ventos Prairie

      - There's a chance in Otherworld: Port Skandia, Helonia & Crescent Hill that an Eidolon spawns after you kill an elite monster

      - There's a chance in many Lv55+ dungeons that an Eidolon spawns after you completed the dungeon by killing off the last boss.

      - Paragon tables sometimes contain key fragments or full keys

      - Bonus Mall offers keys for 860 / 530 BP

      - Loyalty Shop has weekly offers where you can obtain key fragments of various Eidolons

      - Item Mall & Loyalty Shop also offers fortune bags that contain key fragments & full keys

      - There's a chance to obtain Chronos key fragments in the Time Library dungeon

      ( Click this for a more detailed eidolon guide )

      Sky Tower & Sky Fantasy are 40-man raids that consists of mutiple floors. The raids open every weekend and players can register for the raids up to one hour before it opens. Treasures will spawn after successfully clearing each floor. The drops are modified and it is highly recommended to attend ST Raids!

      Players can register and enter the raids through a button by the mini map:

      To join a raid, select the raid group and hit "Register". If it is a guild raid you require a password from the raid creator to join. Once the raids start, you can hit the "Enter" button to enter.

      Sky Tower
      Requirements: Lv60+

      Guide: Floor 1-20
      Guide: Floor 21-25
      Guide: Floor 26-30

      ( 2:00 | 8:00 | 14:00 | 20:00 )
      on every Saturday and Sunday

      Sky Fantasy
      Requirements: Lv70+

      ( 3:00 | 9:00 | 15:00 | 21:00 )
      on every Friday

      I created this topic to help new players and people who switched over and to inform them about content they should know of. If you think that I missed something/made some mistakes, please let me know!

      Side notes:
      Lv86 Diffusion Device Quest:
      Combination: 1 - 3 - 2 - 3 - 1 - 3
      (Credit goes to Ema)
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      [Guide]Basic Information
      AKTO References


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        Amazing guide.

        Originally posted by GinTu View Post
        Stat priority:
        Spd > Crit > Dmg
        Def > HP > Eva
        ^Especially this.

        *I'd like to add that Guardians can get 85% def
        And you may want to mention overcap spd -> zeal and 75%+ def -> hp

        good work.
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          Oh! I forgot to mention that, thanks

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          [Guide]Basic Information
          AKTO References


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            Very nicely detailed and structured guide (especially the installation part).
            Be careful who you make jokes around
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              Originally posted by sserens View Post
              Very nicely detailed and structured guide (especially the installation part).
              Thank you! Added another mirror (GoogleDrive) and I couldn't upload the files on GigaSize because a premium account was required, but I think 3 mirrors are enough

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              [Guide]Basic Information
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                Overcapped DEF will convert to HP
                Overcapped SPD will convert to a chance to make a double strike.
                Ex. With 58% Speed comes 8% chance of proccing the zeal.
                Bonus Damage is 50%.
                You can see the bonus amount by hovering your cursor over DEF/SPD stats.
                the over cap limit for spd and def bonus is 20% and nice guide well done.


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                  Originally posted by insertaname View Post
                  the over cap limit for spd and def bonus is 20% and nice guide well done.
                  noted and thanks

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                  [Guide]Basic Information
                  AKTO References


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                    A really solid and helpful guide! Was really helpful for me, as a returning player, to get to grips with all the info I need to do things efficiently. Well done, amazing work on this and thanks a lot. c:


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                      Nice guide~ lots of new ppl will need this

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                        Really great guide would just add for people doing st 1st time to enter back after 20F ( talking from experience )


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                          Nice guide, it will help a lot the newcomers.
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                            Originally posted by 918 View Post
                            Really great guide would just add for people doing st 1st time to enter back after 20F ( talking from experience )
                            Good idea!

                            Thank you for all the positive feedback and did anyone test the download mirrors I've uploaded? I'd like to know if the client works

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                            [Guide]Basic Information
                            AKTO References


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                              Nice guide ~