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[PROFESSION GUIDE] COOKING : Road to rank 10++. Kyaa's Diary 2019

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  • [PROFESSION GUIDE] COOKING : Road to rank 10++. Kyaa's Diary 2019

    this is not a mere guide. This is a diary, treat this as Information. it might help or ruin your casual gaming experience.

    What I want:
    -rank 10++ for profession panel and profession costume

    Estimated time before research : years.
    Finished time : xD, I haven't.

    stop here if you do not want to read my AK cooking journey.
    or read more to find out why.

    current rank = 7.

    What I need:
    -this guide and all the reference site listed.
    -Time and Patience.
    -cooking tool*.

    -**find ingredients from gathering or buy them from Auction House/other players.
    -buy a cooking tool*.
    *with gold : from chefs on any town.

    *with cooking token : there is rank requirement to use it

    Right click the ingredients, collect all materials needed.

    there are 2 methods.
    1. Manual Cooking.

    "Click to remove the wrong ingredients"
    High level food/drink have more wrong ingredients.

    2. Fuse items (automatic).
    automatically create "unidentified food/drink".
    it can be green/orange/purple/gold quality.
    note: do this if you are lazy and have too many ingredients (for cooking token / eidolon wishes)

    -rank 3,6,10 for all profession require player to finish an achievement.

    important note:
    1. open Journal by Pressing the "L"button
    2. navigate to "Achievement" tab
    3. select Task from the drop-down list. (for this case : Culinary Master/Medal.)

    a. open Character panel by pressing the "c" button.
    b. navigate to "Adventure Medals" tab
    c. Hover over to any medal to see the requirement.

    Objective: get familiar with how Medal and Achievement works.

    -to level up in certain rank, need to cook certain foods from certain maps.

    EXPERT tips and tricks.

    -Buy high level food/drinks from auction house, turn them into cooking token to use better cooking tool/housing material.
    -best cooking tool for Human = KNIFE.

    from Admin, Aura herself: source: http://forum.aurakingdom.to/showthre...ull=1#post1348
    Originally posted by Aura View Post
    It depends on the situation, basically. Let me explain you my point of view. We could consider as a banneable offense when players uses a third-party program to get an ingame benefit without actually playing it (basically a bot). Macros themselves (keyboards / mouse) cannot be consider as a third party program itself but a game advantage. As long the player is in the PC macros are allowed, if the player is afk playing they aren't (it is also the most effective way for us to discard the players is using macros instead of being a bot).

    Many players that have high rank on cooking are :
    1. using some kind of macro.
    2. have TON OF TIME & PATIENCE.*
    3. Robot inside. xD

    by doing Eido prayer/wishes** + achievement req to get higher rank /medal. you will get to rank 5-6.

    I stop at rank 7, cause I want to respect those people who have *ton of time & patience. I don't have them.

    I will be ashamed of myself and prob could not face my future grand kids or grandparent in afterlife if I use "Extra help" in a mere video game. xD

    it is just a game, tho, relying on "extra help" in just a game can definitely adding fuel to a bad habit.

    Cooking curve/bonuses
    1. 0
    2. 6000 Ingredient SPD -25
    3. 10800 Move SPD +1%
    4. 50400 Cooking store cost is down to 98%
    5. 76800 Ingredient appearance rate +100
    6. 144000 DMG +1536
    7. 206000 +2 correct ingredients
    8. 288000 Cooking store cost is down to 95%
    9. 370000 Correct ingredients give + point
    10. 576000 ACC +3%
    11. 660000 Ingredient SPD -50
    12. 720000 Move SPD +2%
    13. 780000 Cooking store cost is down to 92%
    14. 900000 Ingredient appearance rate +100
    15. 1020000 DMG +2304
    16. 1140000 +4 correct ingredients
    17. 1260000 Cooking store cost is down to 90%
    18. 1440000 Correct ingredients give +2 points
    19. 1620000 Max HP +3350
    20. 1800000 Cooking store cost is down to 87%

    Special Note:
    -Reminder to use profession spirit, all profession buff, and do profession task during Hunter Profession Boosts week.
    -Save necessary foods/drinks for eidolon wishes.
    -Buy food/drinks from auction house, sell them for cooking token.
    -cooking token needed for Housing material.

    Enjoy Cooking!
    "A flower does not think of competing to the flower next to it, it just blooms."
    Kyaa's Diary Series : Fishing, Archeology, Gathering, Cooking, House System

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