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idk where to post

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  • idk where to post

    hello as the title says
    i used to play years back but i forgot my e mail or i used a throw away and as for user id i still kinda know it but can really get my pw back im trying to get my acc back since i want to start playing again asap i get my new laptop i want to message aura but might not get noticed

    btw if some of my old guildmates from eargasm are still playing can you guys help me for proof if aura noticed this post and need some proof
    last time i logged in zuckerdoes is still playing but iirc is using another char

    btw my chars are
    xTenryuu guardian/bard
    xShimakaze ravager/bard
    xAstrea holy sword/bard
    xAmatsukaze i think ronin/bard
    and another lvl 60-70 katar forgot what lvl as for the other 3 i think its 80 or 90 whatever the max lvl back when all the hp boarders were gold/red

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    i tried to use the retrieve acc on the website by any chance did they delete old acc that hasn't logged in for a long time? i really dont wanna start over since i have some decent amount of gold on my acc and decent gears


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      so i just checked the news and mt and found out they did do a acc deletion but in pretty sure the last time i logged in is in 2015 or 2016 and that did not count rip well ill probably start over again when i got my new pc
      F to my hard earned 35k gold thats a lot during that time and my mount and costume collection


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        Sorry to hear that. You can refer to the thread below for information regarding the database cleaning. The characters you have listed all do not exist in the current database as well.