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[Question] Is it possible to buy back an item bought with AP?

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  • [Question] Is it possible to buy back an item bought with AP?

    Yesterday, I was lagging so I started to click the screen in an attempt to try to move my character to gauge how high the latency was.

    I attempted to open different windows including the Item Mall window. The windows did not open immediately due to screen freezes and latency—I cannot tell which one it was.

    Meanwhile, as I was clicking around to test if I can move, the item mall window suddenly popped open.

    Without my knowledge, the cursor was positioned in a way where it was on top of 1,000 LP that costs 1,049 AP as well as the confirmation window.

    I have not used the 1,000 LP card. It's currently in the "Shopping Cart" section within the Item Mall window.

    My purchase of the 1,000 LP was completely accidental and I had no intention of buying it.
    1. Is there a way to "buy back" the 1,049 AP by surrendering the 1,000 LP?
    2. If yes, where can I read more about the process?
    IGN: DearAgony

    The other items in the screenshot are "free" items, which you can ignore.

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    AP is non-refundable after purchases have been made.


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      Thank you.