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    So I made an account on the front page, I can see my AP balance etc. Now logic tells me that, should be the exact same credentials I use to log in to your client correct? So why is it every single time i try it says bad password or in correct password? I've gone as far as to copy and paste the info into the sign in, works great for your site. Game client? Not so much.

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    Hi. For now, all usernames are forced to use lowercase letters due to reasons. I got this and was frustrated myself too, and it was just perplexing indeed!

    So instead of "TodayBoat", it's "todayboat" for the username.
    Last edited by GSPU; 02-21-2014, 02:20 AM. Reason: Made an error and meant to say username to begin with. Sorry about that!


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      hello, i have the same problem
      and my id & pass all have lowercase but it still says incorrect password
      i can login the site just fine only the client keeps on rejecting my account
      by the way, i'm using client converter from the original aeria AK client