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[Open Recruit] GM Search is now open!

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  • [Open Recruit] GM Search is now open!

    Hello Azurians!
    The world of Aura Kingdom is on the search of new blood, and you may be just what we are looking for. If you think you have what it takes to be in charge, you should give it a chance! From this moment and on, we are officially searching for new Game Masters for the game. So here is all the information you need:

    GM Requirements:
    1) Fluent English (Other languages are not mandatory, but can be considered as a bonus in the selection process)
    2) Age: 17+
    3) Ingame Active: Daily logins (3~4 hours). Available free time.
    4) Game Experience: Advanced. Familiar with game features and future content additions.
    5) Distinctive Features: Patient. Socially out-going. Centered. Willing to take and give suggestions.

    Things as previous experience in management positions, knowledge in other languages, technical knowledge, experience with other AK servers (TW,JP,HK) are not a mandatory requirement to get the position, but they can be considered as a bonus in the selection process. In the application you will have to give details about yourself (name, nationality, place of residence -country you live in-, name of your character) and how you fullfill these requirements. We also want you to answer this question "Why should I be picked as a Game Master?".

    GM Tasks:
    The Game Masters will have several obligations that will include:
    1) Moderation of the Game.
    2) Moderation of the Forums.
    3) Events Organizations.
    4) Ingame and Forums Support.

    If you think you can sucessfully meet the requirements and fullfill the given tasks: you must send your application to: [email protected]. Applications will be received from today and until November 23. The new Game Masters will be announced between November 25 and November 28 (depends on the amount of applications received). There are a total of 5 GM vacancies to fill.

    Important Details:
    - Applications will ONLY be received between the deadline and in mail.
    (Applications sent by Private Message will be automatically disqualified for the job)
    - GM Positions are annonymous
    a. Game Masters will use different accounts and nicknames than their regular ingame ones;
    b. The GM's ingame main-identity won't be revealed to the general public.
    - The GM is a volunteer position.
    - Like anything in life, the GM position has some perks and some obligations. If you are more interested in the perks than in the obligations, you are not the right person for the job.

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    Can anyone join the receuitment ?


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      Originally posted by mouhawr View Post
      Can anyone join the receuitment ?
      Anyone who meets the requirements can apply.


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        good luck to anyone out there who will be applying~


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          How can i know if im dedicated to such a task ?


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            Good luck to everyone who's going to apply for GM~. :3
            Chyx - Ravager



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              Good Luck everyone~



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                Good Luck Everyone ♥
                Come join our SPRING ADVENTURE** here in AK.TO


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                  This is how the gm interview goes XD
                  Tissuebox - Manjubox


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                    Good luck and congrats to everyone who got chosen to be GM.



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                      me me me


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                        good luck~ :3

                        AKPS: Pionya (active)
                        LadyFiona (semi-active)
                        TSPS: Amanthea (inactive)

                        dA : http://vantan-sora.deviantart.com/
                        FB Art Page : https://www.facebook.com/veptartgallery/


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                          Originally posted by liar View Post
                          me me me
                          woahhh OP GM_Liar / GM_Kurumi banzai o/ o/ o/
                          IGN's: KangGary(Rav)-Weakling, Raiquia(Crus)-Yet Another Weakling

                          Mikaela lol


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                            Good Luck Everyone Who applied, I hope you do well.


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                              I like how you're making the position anonymous! Good luck to all those who applied! (:
                              ~sips tea and nods a hello~