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New Paragon Table and Promotions on February 4th

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  • New Paragon Table and Promotions on February 4th

    New Paragon Table and Promotions.

    Patch Notes

    New Paragon Table [Winter Edition]
    During this week's Paragon Table you'll better get warmth because is freezing outside. Everyone's favorite shota is coming for the first time to the Paragon Table with a merry look. To the release of Christmas Raphael in our tiers, we'll also include a very special winter fashion collection, including some of our latest sets.
    - Christmas Raphael's Key Fragments, Accessories and Pet.
    - Extreme Winter Sports Costume Set.
    - Innocent Sweater Costume Set.
    - Winter Queen Costume Set.
    - Ice and Snow Witch Costume Set.
    - New Diamond and Crystal Light Feathers.
    - Snow Gloves Costume Weapons.
    - Furry Penguins.
    - Deer Mounts.
    And more!

    Double Experience Week
    February is a very special month for us! And to start our birthday celebrations, we will kick off with a double experience special. From February 4th and until February 12th, players will be able to enjoy double experience and weapon specialization.

    Valentine's Event
    Don't miss GM Joan special request for this Valentine Day. You will only need to take some images in game to participate. As reward, get finally a love confession by GM Joan and she will give you her Ring of Oath as promise. You can check all the event details here.

    Design Your Own Panel Contest
    If you were hoping to customize the game to your own liking, this might be a simple but good first step. With our new artistic content, put those skills to good use and show us what you are capaible of! You can check all the event details here.

    New AP Promotion: Adorable Creatures
    This week's Hot Items are inspired by some of the most adorable creatures of the game. So what to expect?
    - A mount special filled with furry and adorable friends, including the release of the Short-legged Corgis, with his exclusive golden version also added.
    - Some of the golden exclusive versions most required in the game: with Fat Cats, Sleeping bears, Fruit Mouses, Raccoons, just to name a few.
    - And some adorable little beasts, including Nekomata, Hare of Inaba, Cerberus and Idunn.

    New LP Promotion: Hot Hot Items
    If winter is the theme for this week's Paragon, we will go opposites on the Loyalty Store. Have been waiting to catch Summer Eidolons? Don't let this opportunity escape.
    - Summer Persephone
    - Summer Michael
    - Summer Alucard
    - Summer Nidhogg
    - Summer Fashion!

    New AP and LP Edition: Experience and Grinding
    With a double experience just getting started, we will also help you leveling and farming with experience items and treasure charms at discounted prices, in both stores.

    Promotions will change this Friday, February 5th and last for one week.