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Server Maintenance 05/11/2020

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  • Server Maintenance 05/11/2020

    Server Maintenance on November 5th.

    Patch Notes
    - Fixes to Reinhardt Pet.
    - Fixes to Nekomata missing achievements and title.
    - Addition of Panel Exchangers in the Adventurer Encyclopedia: You'll be able to exchange your extra panels for Halloween Candy Bags.
    - Changes to the Halloween Paragon. Remember, the event will remain available for one more week.

    New Paragon Table [Butterfly Edition]
    This week's Paragon Table is inspired by the blossoming landscapes of Azuria. Including new costume weapons and wings, and some of our most delicate eidolons.
    - Thumbelina Key Fragments.
    - Sif, Demeter and Hebe Key Fragments.
    - Sif, Demeter and Hebe Accessories.
    - New Magical Fairy Wings.
    - New Butterfly Ninja Swords.
    - Jeweled Feathers Wings.
    - Elven Gem Wings.
    - Crystal Butterfly Wings.
    - Sif's Wings and Costume Set.
    - Hebe's Wings and Costume Set.
    - Demeter's Costume Set.
    - Golden Bouquet of Spring Chair.
    And more!

    New AP Edition: Azurian Idol Edition.
    This week's Hot Items brings to the game a new costume with extra style. In company of such a high-styled look, we will have a special gathering of fashion that makes you look extra special.
    - Release of Queen of Stars Costume Set.
    - Loli Sweethearts Costume Sets.
    - Playboy Bunny Costume Sets.
    - Super Star and Punk Rock Costume Sets.
    - Bunny Speaker Ornaments.
    - Muse, Cesela, Freya.
    And more!

    New LP Edition: Asian Tales.
    On the loyalty Store, the Hot Items is getting royalty aswell. The little princesses of our kingdom will make a special appearance, including her costumes and more!
    - Hare of Inaba Key and Fragments.
    - Kingyo hime Key and Fragments.
    - Iwanaga hime Key and Fragments.
    - Sakuya hime Key and Fragments.
    - Hare of Inaba Costume Set and Ornament.
    - Kingyo himme, Iwanaga, Sakuya Costume Sets.
    And more!

    Promotions will change this Friday, November 6th and last for one week.

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    Thanks Aura & Devs!

    Thumbelina here I come


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      Brand new Asian Promo!
      ~The world is vague~
      ~ Just becuz you are correct doesnt mean you are right
      ~There are things that are good for some people but there are not for some people~


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        pen % is coming