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Server Maintenance 22/10/2020

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  • Server Maintenance 22/10/2020

    Server Maintenance on October 22th

    Patch Notes

    New Paragon Table [Yokai Edition]
    The paragon Table this week will get his own level of "spooky". Oriental ghosts will haunt the tiers, with the introduction of the ancient magician, Abe no Seimei.
    - Abe no Seimei Key of Gaia, Fragments, Gear, Accessory and Unique Pet.
    - New Year Succubus's Key of Gaia, Fragments and Accessory.
    - Aoandon's Key of Gaia, Fragments and Accessory.
    - Shirayuki, Murasame and Zashi's Key Fragments.
    - Lantern Shrine and Floating Lantern Mounts.
    Shirayuki, Murasame, Aoandon and Zashi's Costume Sets.
    And more!

    New AP Edition: Victorian Style!
    Release of two new costume sets: Victorian Dresses for both female and loli characters.
    - Victorian Styled fashion: Gothic Lace Dresses, Order of the Rose Costume Set, Maid of the Night Uniform and more.
    - Release of Royal Raccoon Mounts.
    - Special Pets.
    - Gothic inspired eidolons: Such as Pandora, Salome, Elizabeth and more!

    New LP Edition: Magick Promo!
    The Loyalty Store will get halloween-spooky with magical inspired fashion and dark and naughty eidolons.
    - Halloween Zashi, Medjed and Endora.
    - Release of Little Witch Academy Uniform.
    - Halloween Ghost Mounts.
    - Release of Nidhogg's Oath.
    - Spooky Fashion and Accessories!

    Promotions will change this Friday, October 23th and last for one week. Get ready for our Halloween Events starting next week!