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Server Maintenance 08/10/2020

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  • Server Maintenance 08/10/2020

    Server Maintenance on October 8th
    Aprox Time Duration: Between 1 and 2 hours.

    Patch Notes
    - Fixes to Argus and Manticore Golden Mounts.
    - Fixes to Monster Hunt Leaderboard Panels.
    - Fixes to Lasher Class PvP Leaderboard Rewards

    New Paragon Table [Last Summer Edition]
    Are you already nostalgic of Summer? If this is your case, this week's Paragon will be a perfect opportunity to catch up and remember those better times in which you had nothing to do.
    - Summer Persephone Key Fragments, Pet and Accessory.
    - Summer Michael Key Fragments, Pet and Accessory.
    - Summer Nidhogg Key Fragments, Pet and Accessory.
    - Romantic Sea Waves Bikini.
    - Lovely Swimmingsuit for Little Girls.
    - Hawaiian Swimming Suit.
    - Water Guns, Pearl Lances and Sailor Bears.
    - Bikini Costumes for Serena, Cesela, Astraea and Kotonoha.
    And more!

    New AP and LP Edition: Consumables!
    Trying to catch up? This week's promo are full with everyone's favorite items. Time to farm like crazy and work on your gear. Including fortifications special discounts, randomizers, buffs, and more!

    Promotions will change this Friday, Ocotber 9th and last for one week.

    Upcoming Content:
    Our nightmare reveal is coming together and we're getting closer to its reveal. Also, prepare yourself for October's Halloween Events!