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Server Maintenance 10/09/2020

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  • Server Maintenance 10/09/2020

    Server Maintenance on September 10th.
    Aprox Time Duration: Between 1 and 2 hours.

    Patch Notes
    - Changes to "Trend Report": September's Edition.
    You can find the Trend Report on our Daily Login Window. There, you will unlock different bonuses by having one of the listed items in each category.

    New Paragon Table [Dark Eidolons Edition]
    This week's Table is all about those dark magicians in our Eidolons Window. Including the release of Salome, we will really follow to the underground this time!
    - Salome's Fragments, Key of Gaia, Accessory, Crystal Gear and Unique Pet.
    - Elizabeth and Morrigan's Key Fragments and accessories.
    - Persephone and Hades's Key Fragments and accessories.
    - Cerberus and Hermes's Key Fragments and accessories.
    - Lucifer and Pandora's Key Fragments and accessories.
    - Morrigan, Hades, Pandora unique pets.
    - Collecction of Dark Ornaments for your back.

    New AP Edition: Flower girl Edition
    Ready to go into the deep of the forest? It will be springtime on this week's Hot Items! Including a new dragonista costume release, eidolons, and more!
    - Hare of Inaba Costume Set Release.
    - Hare of Inaba Umbrella Ornament Release.
    - Hare of Inaba, Iwanaga-hime, Sakuya-hime, Kingyo-hime Keys of gaia and fragments.
    - Blossom and Shrine Lantern Mounts.
    - Tumbellina's Key of Gaia and Fragments.
    - Bunny inspired promotion, including accessories, mounts, costume weapons and more.
    - Unique Pets, including the Elven Princess, Eltin.

    New LP Edition: Colors of Music
    Our Loyalty Store will get quite musical this week. Including eidolons, fashion, and the most important: dyes!
    - Idol Costume Sets for Dragonista.
    - Rebel Gothic Costume Set.
    - Punk Rock Costume Set.
    - Super Star Costume Set.
    - Bunny Speakers.
    - Muse, Christmas Muse, Freya, Hebe, Uriel.
    - 62 available dyes to change your colors.
    And more!

    Promotions will change this Friday, September 11th and last for one week.