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Server Maintenance 03/09/2020

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  • Server Maintenance 03/09/2020

    Server Maintenance on September 3rd.
    Aprox Time Duration: Between 1 and 2 hours.

    Patch Notes
    - Changes to "Blood Release" and "Craving for Blood" Lasher skills's cooldown.
    - Addition of upgrade skills from Nazrudin, Vayu, Won, Chronos and Medjed.

    New Paragon Table [Costume Weapons Edition]
    On this week's Paragon Table, is time to equip your hands. With our Costume Weapons special, you'll have plenty of options for your character, including the new lasher costume weapons too!
    - Release of Japanese ChainWhips.
    - Release of Stars and Galaxy Blades for Brawler.
    - Jeweled Weapons for Duelist.
    - Several options of shurikens for your brand new fire shinobi.
    - Golden Restructuring Potions for Costume Weapons.
    - Golden Weapons Fusion Scroll.
    - Super Fashion Enchantment Cards for Costume Weapons.

    New AP Edition: Little Witch Academy
    The Hot Items of our AP Store will get a magical revamp this week. Including some of the following items:
    - Release of "Little Witch Academy" Costume for girls.
    - Release of "Nidhogg's Oath" Mount.
    - Mounts as magical carriages, cat ghosts, copperfield's powers of levitation, nebular pony.
    - Eidolons as Halloween Medjed, Endora, Halloween Zashi and more!
    - And a special 2x1 on mana stones so you can work on your power of transformation.

    New LP Edition: Is this Asian?
    To respect our tradition of at least 1 monthly asian inspired promotion, things will get quite oriental on store this week. Including some of the following items:
    - Ancient Swordswoman Costume Set.
    - Layered Sakura Costume Set.
    - Sakura No Hana Costume Set.
    - Eidolons as New Year Succubus, New Year Murasame, Tsukuyomi, Won, Orochi, Genbu, Seiryuu and more!
    - Hare of Inaba Crystal Gear.

    Promotions will change this Friday, September 4th and last for one week.