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[New Ingame Feature] Monster Hunt

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  • [New Ingame Feature] Monster Hunt

    Let's Start the Hunt!
    The monster hunt is a new monthly challenge in which players have to combine forces to defeat different goals. The goals changes in monthly basis, same as some of the rewards might do. The monster hunt starts at the beginning of the month, and resets on the last day of the month at 5am. It remains unavailable until the next 5am reset on the next day.

    The monster hunt can be accessed through a small icon in your menu, next to the card battle system icon. In the monster hunt you will find a total of three tabs, each one with a separate challenge and different prizes: Server, Guild and Solo.

    There is a total of five goals for each one of the challenges, with different listed monsters and amounts. You will see the image and exact location in which those monsters should be defeated. You will also see the Killing Objective, your kills and the total kills of the target made so far.

    All Monster Hunt rewards and progress are account sided. Meaning you will be able to receive each one of the prizes once in your account. The prizes will be send to your mailbox to the character that completes the goal. It also means the progress is account sided: all the killing you do with different characters will add up to your progress.

    Prizes will be automatically send to the accounts once the tier is unlocked. Regardless, even if the Monster Hunt progress can be completed in any order, players will have to unlock the previous tier before they can receive the prize for the next one.

    Server Challenge
    The goals (both listed monsters and killing objectives) for the Server Challenge will change in monthly basis on the first maintenance of the month. There will always be a total of five different goals.

    In the Server Challenge, all the killings made in our four channels through the month will add up to the progress. The total kills will increase by one every time a monster dies, but the progress of individual killings will also increase by one to every player involved in the killing (you must harm the monster for your progress to go up).

    Rewards for the Server Challenge are global: once a tier is unlocked, the boost will affect all players in the game. In that sense, the Server Challenge will be a collaboration between players, in which better equipped players will surely help to unlock the prizes for the rest.

    There is a total of five buffs that can be unlocked: Double Profession Experience, 50% Crafting Discounts on Blacksmiths, Double Character Experience, +3% Boost to All Stats and 2 Extra Treasures by defeating Boss Monsters. All of this buffs stacks with items with similar effects and with events, but if two of the same buffs from the Monster Hunts are active at the same time, only the duration will increase. Each of the Monster Hunt Blessings will last for seven days since the moment they are activated.

    Players that collaborates in the Server Challenge will also participate in the Monster Hunt Rankings. The Monster Hunt Rankings can be accessed through the Leaderboard, in the Special Ranking Tab. The top 100th collaborators will be listed, but only the first 10 will be rewarded.

    Between the prizes for the Monster Hunt Rankings you will find custom titles, loyalty points, nightmare buffs, and a 100% guarantee Hades Weapon Box for the top 3, among other goodies.

    Guild Challenge
    The Guild Challenge will also have a variable list of five different goals and the prizes will be subjected to change in monthly basis. In the Guild Challenge, players will have to collaborate with other Guild Members in order to unlock the different prizes.

    If two players from the same guild are in a party killing one of the Monster Hunt objectives, the Total Kills will increase by one point once the monster is dead. Regardless, each one of the players will see their personal contribution also increased by one.

    Personal Contributions are important because they are the only possible way to receive the prizes from the Guild Challenge. Without a personal killing of at least one of the monster listed before the goal is completed, you won’t be able to receive the prize for that tier. You will still be able to unlock the next tier if your guild mates already unlocked the previous one.

    Prizes for the Guild Challenge are individual (they are sent to each player in the guild that contributed) but also account sided. This means you will be able to receive the prizes with only one guild. In case of having characters simultaneously in several guilds, players will still be able to contribute to the guild progress, even if they won’t receive a prize once that goal is done.

    If you haven’t receive a prize with one guild because the goal is already completed and you haven’t contributed, you can still receive the prize with any other character of your account at a different guild.

    Solo Challenge
    The Solo Challenge is possibly the most simple of the Monster Hunt. In here, also five monsters with different killing objectives will be listed in monthly basis. The prizes will be subjected to change in monthly basis. Once again the prizes are account sided, meaning you can only complete the Monster Hunt Solo Challenge once in your account, but the progress will increase with the contribution made by all of your characters.