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Serena's Moonlight Pray Special

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  • Serena's Moonlight Pray Special

    [Serena's Moonlight Pray]
    Your weekend's favorite try on Luck!
    Did you know? In case you wasn't informed, it's about time you catch up! As a permanent event in the world of Aura Kingdom, everyone's favorite loli girl makes an special appearance in the world of Navea. But don't worry, unlike in those otherworld dungeons, Serena comes in peace this time! Not only she is the mood to make new friends, but she even have some goodies for everyone.

    Every Friday at 10:00 pm (server time) the lovely lady of bunnies appears at her favorite spot in the city of Navea. Of course, if you don't know where that is, it won't take you long to find her! And as her all time favorite activity, Serena contemplates the moon until 6 am (server time) when she disappears. But don't worry, she re-appears again on Saturday's, at the same night-time!

    When Serena is in Navea, you can make a pray to the Moon Goddess and try your luck. She has a total of 10 mystery bags, all filled with goodies, and for a prize of 100 gold each. From eidolons consumables, keys of gaia, inventory space, costume formulas, custom sets, face and hat accesories, custom backpacks, mounts and even scrolls! You can find a wide range of items, some of them for your vanity, some others to give you an extra help ingame!