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[Art Contest] Design Your Own Panel

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  • [Art Contest] Design Your Own Panel

    Art Contest: Design Your Own Panel
    With Akto's 7th anniversary just around the corner, we want to celebrate all the time spent together by giving the opportunity to leave your print in the game. If you dreamt about having your very own design on your avatar, this year we will give you the chance to make this wish come true. So here are the details!

    - In order to participate, players will need to have a minimum designing knowledge.
    - Players will have the chance to design their own ingame panel by following the size and format instructions on this event.
    - The theme is completely up to you: keep in mind you can draw and add external elements to the panel. If you aren't sure how much it can be done, just check ingame panels for inspirations. You'll choose the patterns, palette, and everything that goes in the panel.
    - Each player can only win once but can upload up to 3 different panels. Having more than one panel selected won't multiply your prize, but it will increase your chances of being selected. Each of the selected panels will also be send to their creators once they are added to the game.
    - We won't have a fixed amount of winners and it will depend on the quality of the submitted entries. So there can be one winner, three, five, or more.
    - You will have time until
    February 15th to submit your entry.
    - In this thread you must submit your character's nickname and an image of your designed panel. If you are chosen, we might ask you for the original format.
    - The program you use to create the panel is completely up to you. You can make it from any illustrator, photoshop, to even paint is that what you decide.

    Event Prizes:
    - Each winner will receive their created panels. In addition, winners will be able to choose between the following prizes:
    1. Eidolon bag of own choice (including x3 Keys of Gaia + Accessory + Ring of Oath).
    2. Oathbound pet of own selection.
    3. x4 stacks of Mana Starstones.

    You can download the following png of a base panel to start working on your design. Keep in mind each panel needs to have two versions in two different sizes; one for your avatar, and one for your avatar in party. If you prefer to work with the psd, you'll be able to download it from our discord (akto-news)

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    Character Name: Demon_Sinner
    The Program Used: Clip Studio Paint EX

    Panel Design 1: Icey Phoenix
    AKPS panel 1.png
    AKPS panel 1 party.png

    Panel Design 2: Reverse
    AKPS panel 2.png
    AKPS panel 2 party .png
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      graphic design is [not] my passion
      was gonna make three representing the sky, sea and earth but too fat and lazy to do it. May update submission later with the other two. I tried to emulate the style they made the profession panels in
      Ign: Oblivion
      also first post on this new forum so i'm probably gonna mess it up somehow

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        Character Name:Yuuki_Kakeru

        The Program Used:
        Adobe Photoshop

        Panel Design 1: Dragon Blood

        Panel Design 2: Fallen Angel

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        • #5
          IGN : Eclypsa
          Program Used : Paint + Photoscape

          Well , i tried xD

          Carnival Painel


          • #6
            Character Name : Valkitka Program Used : Gimp, Paint
            I got inspiration from the Eidolon Hades, I tried to make something about it but my editing skills is not helping UwU
            Panel Disign : Hades Blue Flames
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            • #7
              Character Name: Kiiea
              Program used: Photoshop

              Design Panel 01: Pockydream


              Design Panel 02: Teaparty


              Design Panel 03: Ramenlove

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              • #8
                Program used:photoshop

                Design Panel 01:Valentine‘s Day

                Design Panel 02:no name

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                • #9
                  Character Name: YhumYhum
                  Program used: Paint Tool Sai

                  Panel Design 01: Gate Panel

                  Panel Design 02: Path of Thorns Panel

                  Panel Design 03:No Name
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                  • #10
                    Character Name: Kyoxs
                    Program used: Photoshop

                    Panel 1: Ronin style

                    Panel 2: Serena's Pink Panel


                    • #11
                      Character Name: Coffee
                      Program used: gimp
                      Panel1: Night Sakura
                      Panel2: Sunset Dolphins


                      • #12
                        Character Name: HikariToke
                        Program: Pts
                        It's almost Luna New Year in my country and buffalo is our zodiac so i made this.
                        P/s: Im suck at pts :^)
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                        • #13
                          IGN : Yume

                          Panel 1 : Sakura

                          Panel 2 : Moosic

                          Panel 3 : Cakey

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                          IGN : Yume
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                          • #14
                            Character Name: Sekkarou
                            Program: Photoshop

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                            Artwork made by the best girl on earth. ilsum. ♥


                            • #15
                              Character name: Yukita
                              Program used: Paint and Photoshop

                              Panel 1: Cosmic Fairycorn

                              Panel 2: Revolution

                              Panel 3: iHeartVanGogh

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