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[In-Game Event] Active Guild Recruiting Eidolons

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  • [In-Game Event] Active Guild Recruiting Eidolons

    [In-Game Event]

    Missing out on Guild Hunt? GM Joan is here to help recruit the most evasive of Eidolons for your guild!

    Event Details:

    Guild leaders can ask me to spawn Demeter x8 and Shirayuki x11 in your respective Guild Halls.
    (Uriel, Alice, and Freya Eidolon Artifacts for Guild Hunt
    can be obtained from the current Temple of the Eidolon Daily Quests.)

    I will only spawn in your respective Guild Halls in ONE session. Be sure to coordinate with your guild members.

    Register your guild by contacting me through Discord: Joan#3008 or Forum Message here.

    Please follow the format below in your message.

    Time must be in Server Time GMT+1
    Event Duration is from August 17-28, 2020.

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    To prevent a conflict in schedule, I will be placing registered guilds here.

    IGN: Rotkhan
    Guild: WOLVES
    Date: August 20
    Time: 1 AM

    IGN: Jewel
    Guild: Entity
    Time: August 20
    Time: 1 PM

    IGN: Ariselle
    Guild: The_ClouDs
    Date: August 21
    Time: 11 AM

    IGN: iDeru
    Guild: SaposAutistas
    Date: August 22
    Time: 12 AM

    IGN: hebi
    Date: August 22
    Time: 7 PM

    IGN: Sazn
    Guild: Snow
    Date: August 22
    Time: 11 PM

    IGN: Master
    Guild: ANTEIKU
    Date: August 23
    Time: 1 AM

    IGN: Yuyu
    Guild: DokiDoki
    Date: August 23
    Time: 2 AM

    IGN: Naichi
    Guild: Muffins
    Date: August 23
    Time: 3 AM

    IGN: Aislan
    Guild: Dragon_Flame
    Date: August 23
    Time: 5 AM

    IGN: lilin
    Guild: November
    Date: August 23
    Time: 4 PM

    IGN: Sniegas
    Guild: Cinnamon
    Date: August 23
    Time: 5 PM

    IGN: _BakaSenpai_
    Guild: PotatoFace
    Date: August 26
    Time: 5 PM

    IGN: Dramatime
    Guild: Inmortals
    Date: August 28
    Time: 1 AM

    IGN: hmmm
    Guild: Nevada
    Date: August 28
    Time: 2 PM