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Bonus Mall Promotions: May's Sacred Edition

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  • Bonus Mall Promotions: May's Sacred Edition

    Bonus Mall Promotions: May
    Sacred Edition
    Let's elevate our spirits this May with the release of our latest obsession. Raphael is descending to the world of Azuria and his level of cuteness is skyrocketing. If something was missing from our lives certainly was this golden little boy coming directly from the Sky Realms!

    Eidolon Release: Raphael

    You can hear the angels singing...

    But be careful of what you hear. Despite his innocent appearance and his divine task, Raphael has been brought to the human world with an uneasy mission on his hands: he is one of the three Archangels, the one of divine healing, and the one who has been commanded to the human world's purge once the doomsday arrives. He will play his holy trumpet to call on the Four Knights of Apocalypse once the world comes to an end.

    Among his many abilities, Raphael will increase the Holy Damage to Targets, and assist the Party Members with several blessings. Including the absorption of damage into HP and an increasement of Damage Dealt of 5%. In combination of Endora Raphael will increase your PEN, and in combination with Uzuriel he will increase your Holy Skills DMG.

    Sacred Promotions:
    Of course this promotion wouldn't be complete without the company of other Angels like Michael and Uriel. We will gather divine inspired fashion, accessories and mounts to complete May's Bonus Mall Promotions.

    The new promotions will be available from May 1st.

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    Dat shota looks so suave in that banner. It's like a younger Bealdor.

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