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[Last Contest of the Year] The Best Quote of 2019!

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  • [Last Contest of the Year] The Best Quote of 2019!

    This almost ending year was filled with changes and surprises. We met a new story and a new completely different race in Azuria, new content was added, we met new Game Masters... But some things, thankfully, always stays the same. And one of our favorite traditions on akto is getting started, one more year. Because it's time we met...

    The Best Quote of 2019!
    There are different kind of stories. Stories based in real facts, stories you have witness yourself and stories people have share with you. All of them together make your own experience. To celebrate the end of this wonderful year, we will share these stories with the rest of the community: they will be stories that will have ourselves as the protagonists.

    Event Details:
    - We are looking for the Best Quote of the Year: it can be a phrase, a full sentence, a paragraph, even a full conversation.
    - In order to participate, you will have to post a physical evidence: it can be a quote from forums, a screenshot from the game, etc.
    - The content of the quote must be game related.
    - Posts are allowed from: Aurakingdom forums. AKTO Screenshots (cropped or not). Discord or other communication methods between you and other players.

    Event Rules:
    1. The name of the person talking should be visible at all times.
    2. Insults and offensive language isn't allowed.
    3. You will have to specify the source of the quote (for example: general discussion in akto forums, x guild discord, guild chat, world channel, etc)
    4. In case context isn't given in the screenshot/quote you can clarify it yourself for better results.
    5. You can quote other people or yourself.
    6. Players can submit multiple entries but the same quote can only be posted once.
    7. Entries can't be edited: the first person to post the quote will qualify for the judging process (repeated quotes won't disqualify your entry; that quote just won't participate).
    8. Each player can only win once.
    9. Quotes can be in other languages, but you will have to translate them to english in your entry.

    We will select a total of 10 quotes. Each player will receive 2.500 AP.

    You will have time to post your entry until January 6. All quotes until the deadline are valid.

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    2.5? u mean 2,500, yes?
    better correct it then delete my mssg afterwards.


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      Originally posted by KuroSpecter View Post
      2.5? u mean 2,500, yes?
      better correct it then delete my mssg afterwards.
      2.500 AP.
      I don't know what isn't clear about it.


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        2 and half ap or 2thousand 500 ap ? XD


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          Originally posted by fakester View Post
          2 and half ap or 2thousand 500 ap ? Xd
          2500 ap.


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            1# - taken from private guild channel (context : discord server owner gets a crown next to their name)

            2# - taken from SugarRush Guild Chat

            3# - taken from AKTO discord

            4# - taken from TFD Guild Chat (for context losing my mind while trying to get 3% detailed dmg on sakura tanuki)

            5# - taken from TFD Guild Chat (Living is true suffering)

            6# - taken from Nightmare Aqua Party Chat

            7# - taken from World Chat

            8# - taken from World Chat



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              IGN: Nanaiko

              The truth hurts

              Taken from Announcement chat on Valentine's

              dOn'T AsSumE mY rELatiOnShIP

              Taken from Entity's guild chat

              Most of the server cannot relate

              Taken from Entity's guild chat

              You must BECOME the Loli

              Taken from Entity's guild chat

              PS > OS

              Taken from World chat

              So I temporarily banned Lava from our STH raid...

              Taken from ak.to discord

              Katar is the new lancer

              Taken from Entity's guild chat

              tHe sERveRs ArE sO bAd

              Taken from party chat during some NTL

              Ambition did an oopsie

              Taken from World chat


              Taken from World chat after the STH bug abooz

              This god damn 1 ruby coin coupon

              Taken from Entity STH region chat

              Dropping the STH pets in 2019 after you've spend your 2018 christmas farming them

              Taken from party chat during one of Entity STH raids

              Of course fish king

              Taken from Entity guild chat

              Welcome to the "It's better out of context" section

              Taken from Entity STH region chat on F49

              Taken from Entity guild chat when talking about popularity ranking

              Taken from Entity guild chat. My irl name is Bruna *sobs*

              Taken from party chat during one of Entity's STH raids
              We took a Lv64 newbie to STH who said this in F42

              Taken from Entity guild chat

              Taken from Eternials guild chat. Everyone besides me was from the USA

              Taken from Entity guild chat

              Aura Kingdom
              ★ Nanaiko ★ Shuniko ★ Kuriko ★ Noriko ★ Shuriko ★ Lucency ★

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                My Entry

                IGN: DayBreak
                Source: I'm like 99% sure this was just in AK.to general discord
                Raynee and Trauma just can't keep it private

                Source: Catalyst STH Party Chat
                Let's just say some mistakes were made this year

                Source: Catalyst Guild Chat
                Relatable content from Kyle

                Source: Catalyst Discord
                Can't argue with facts

                Source: World Chat
                I just really have no idea at this point...
                ❖ DayBreak ❖ S15 ❖ Sorc/Lancer ❖ Catalyst ❖
                ❖ Keopi ❖ S11 ❖ Bard/Holy Sword ❖ TFD ❖


                • #9
                  IGN: Jewel

                  Source: Entity Guild Chat
                  Because yes, I take red carpets to the face.

                  Source: Entity Guild Chat
                  When Main Quests bring you back to the Church Audience Chamber every single time.

                  Source: Entity Guild Chat
                  I don't remember what triggered me to say this, but I bet Ephaxy remembers while I forgot.

                  Source: Entity Guild Chat
                  Me just being savage to Ephaxy as usual. He didn't want to watch the movie Titanic with his then girlfriend, Vehlia.

                  Source: AK.to Azuria Discord Server
                  I mean, Fore's not wrong. wHeRe bUfF?!

                  Source: General Chat (Though it was the dungeon making my character talk).
                  Shrooms does things to an envoy. I was picking up mushrooms in the Titan's Root (Solo) dungeon for the mushroom transmog.

                  Source: Anti-Bot Captcha
                  When even the captcha doubts you.

                  Source: World Chat
                  I think players were asking Aura to spawn the buff NPCs. Hahaha~

                  Source: Party Search Recruitment
                  Almost literally everyone playing the new dragonista class. (Had to censor due to swearing.)

                  Source: AK.to Azuria Discord Server
                  Yes everyone likes the new loli class a little too much... or not?

                  Source: Afral Guild Discord
                  Not quite a quote, but that custom font hype for AK was just... *shakes my head*

                  Source: Entity Guild Raid Region Chat
                  I blame Actually for starting this. But typical Entity STH chat can be like this sometimes. ST raid is really long ok. D:

                  Source: AK.to Azuria Discord Server
                  Aura's banners are hidden with secrets! I swear I was looking at the whole thing.

                  Source: AK.to Azuria Discord Server
                  Lavalord came back. Yay!~

                  - End Quote -

                  HAPPY NEW YEAR AURA KINGDOM!!!

                  AURA KINGDOM.TO
                  Jewel Rozelle
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                  TWIN SAGA.TO
                  Jewel Sapphire
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                    IGN: _Yume_

                    Small d or Small "d"???
                    Chat taken in Party Chat

                    Visit my Drawing thread CLICK
                    IGN : _Yume_(Duelist-20)
                    Other Classes : Crusader-15, Ninja-20, Wizard-20, Sorcerer-20, Lancers-20, Grenadier-15, Necromancer-20, Gunslingers-20, Performer-10, Warbow-20, Bard-10, Ravager-10, Tachi-1, Brawler-99, Guardian-10, Dragonista-20


                    • #11
                      A failed NTL invitation

                      Source: Party AK discord https://imgur.com/rayJuaw


                      • #12
                        tl;dr: NOAH ITS CH1

                        IGN: Beichan

                        #1: Don't underestimate one's ability to die
                        Date: 19 March 2019
                        Place: Spooder Lament before it got restricted to 90-99
                        Note: included pt set-up for context and hilarity.

                        #2: Remember when the server blocked Noah?
                        Date: 14 March 2019
                        Place: SugarRush STH

                        #3: Beginning of 2019: Man sorc sucks
                        Date: 12 Janurary 2019
                        Place: World Chat during Hyperion STH

                        #4: OuterHeeaven?
                        Date: 29 December 2019
                        Place: Nevada STH's pt chat

                        FengXiu - Itzal - Beichan


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                          Source: world chat AK.TO

                          Last edited by Naellani; 12-31-2019, 02:06 PM.
                          "Lasto beth nîn, tolo dan nan galad"


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                            IGN: Gellie

                            tlp party. just random thought from aki. lol.

                            ntl party. this was taken when we were talking about the typhoon that hit japan.


                            • #15
                              IGN: Delusional(cause i forgot in the first post)

                              9. What are you (Discord DM)

                              10. Disgusting (Discord DM)