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Starter Pack System

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  • Starter Pack System

    Starter Pack System: Beginner's Aid!
    Beginnings may be though, so we're more than willing to give you a hand. Just by creating a new account on our server, you'll get a very useful package to make the first levels run more smoothly. After you login for the first time, just check the Item Mall Ingame and you'll see the items ready to be redeem on the Shopping Cart. Remember, the items are account bounded and you will only receive them once in each account. But it can be taken by any character you prefer!

    Some consumables are a must have in any online game. And although Aura Kingom already provides you with plenty with the mail and quests system, we also give you some of the most useful ones so leveling it's not a burden. The Starter Pack contains:

    - 5-Slot BackPack (Non-Tradeable)
    - Healing Potion x5 (Non-Tradeable)
    - Feather of Revival x3 (Non-Tradeable)
    - Megaphone x5 (Non-Tradeable)
    - Fifth Order Fortification Scroll (Non Tradeable)
    - Ethereal Wolf (3 days)

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    This is perfect! Thanks for making this private server fun to jump right into especially with these items to start with.


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      honestly, they should put atleast lucky cards or exp cards,,or red and blue tickets >.<


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        Originally posted by Hayate View Post
        honestly, they should put atleast lucky cards or exp cards,,or red and blue tickets >.<
        The items you can get by recruiting friends
        All you need them to do is play 36 hours and reach level 40.