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Thread: Deleted chars.

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    Exclamation Deleted chars.

    Well guys today i login in my acc and i got a big surprise all my chars, they were deleted, only my shuriken stay, well.
    I really hope that the aura see what happened and take appropriate actions about it.
    I lose gold, items, and MUCH things that I got with too much time playing.

    So pls Aura take a look pls, if you guys can help me accessing this topic and leaving one up I would be very grateful.

    My IGN is: Siku,iSiku, Siku_


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    i'll check it tomorrow, I will ask for your patience until then.

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    Guess account sharing with 10 people wasn't a good idea after all lol

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    What is the name of your character ?

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    Hi Aura, good night, i would like if you got something about my account problem? just remembering im not rush or hurry ok. And last thing, you can send me the logs with trades in 13th Jannuary 2016 on my email? Thank you so much for all!

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    I'm sure she'll get to your problem soon, for the time being relax and check back regulary if it has been fixed
    I Seriously Need Help. I'm being Infected by Mushroom Madness.

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    Tkns , Lyr !!
    no problem 'm in no hurry.

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    Hello , Good afternoon, any news on my account.

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    Good day !
    Aura could see anything on my account.
    Awaiting response.
    thank you

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