Welcome to Aura Kingdom Online, the first Aura Kingdom Private Server!
One of the already most acclaimed games of 2014 now has a Private version for all the anime-based mmorpg lovers. An up to date server, fully functioning, with all the Aura Kingdom's features that more than 20.000 players has already enjoyed since its recent release on January of this year for the english-speaking community. A customized server hosted by a dedicated group of people, interested on making Aura's Kingdom experience an unforgettable one.

Since it's closed beta state, Aura Kingdom has being announced as the next generation of anime-based games by the most prestigious mmorpg's reviews sites. With dynamics animations and quests, a customized skills build system and beautiful graphics, it has managed to soon become one of the most popular online games out there. And now, we bring to you a slightly different proposal but with all the fan-favorite features.

The low experience rates attempt to balance an already easy to level up game, but with custome drop rates to make farming more smoothly and allow the server to have a sustainable ingame economy. A customize cash shop; with not only cheaper prizes but greater rewards and some unreleased items. A cheaper loyalty shop, with even permanent custom outfits, and a Paragon Table with better and higher prizes.

Between the server customizations, you can also find 8 different PvP arena time-schedules (open every 3 hours during the whole day), half of the refreshing time in almost all Dungeons, and Infernal Abyss open 7 days a week. .

But if all of this is not enough to appeal you; we also have a reward system prepared to all of our newcomers to make the game even more interesting!

The server is up and running, and now we only need you!