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    [PvE] Yuumu's DPS Guardian Guide

    I. Introduction

    Yuumu here. In this guide, I'll list and explain as much informations as I can to help aspiring Guardians that's going to try to go the DPS way.
    As shown on the title, this guide is strictly for PvE only.

    II. Why a DPS Guardian?

    There's a lot of reasons why one would pick DPS Guardians, whether if you'd like to try one of the more rare classes, you just like knight-styled DPS
    classes, you're a sword and shield maniac, you want that badass athena's spear weapon costume so that you can pretend you're a lancer class, or you just enjoy watching your character getting attacked by monsters, they're all valid reasons, but above all, it's fun!

    Testimony from another Guardian

    Before you became a DPS guardian, there's something that you tryhards might want to know, which is:
    While DPS guardian are pretty viable, you'll probably never be able to outDPS a good Rav/Greatsword/Warbow/Whatever even if you minmax everything, so if you're here hoping that you'll become the best DPS in the server, I recommend rerolling into other classes.

    III. Pros and Cons

    -Your base damage are actually pretty high, thanks to the various bonuses from path and envoy
    -Categorized as a Melee class, Therefore getting the melee bonuses such as 15% detailed damage
    -Higher survivability than most classes
    -Level 75 Weapons are inexpensive
    -IT'S FUN! albeit in a masochistic way


    -Terrible CRIT rate
    -You cannot hide your mistakes, as it's very apparent if a guardian makes a mistakes such as failing to lure or dying
    -You'll sometimes be refused from parties, just because you're a guardian. Pretty sad, don't you agree?

    IV. The Build

    An example of a DPS Guardian build

    A. Stats

    DMG: This should be your priority, as this stat will give you the DPS needed to take aggro, or deal damage in general.
    CRIT: Should be your second priority. Feel free to take some points off DMG to put into crit if you wanted to, but don't overdo it.
    SPD: Don't put any points on this, as equipments will give you all the speed that you need to do a proper rotation. Getting about 30~35% should be enough.

    HP: Put all of your points here, as you will overcap defense easily with equipments and your party buff, and eva is just... useless.
    DEF: You can put some points here while you're leveling, but when you have forted your equipments properly, no points are needed here.
    EVA: The only times you're allowed to put points here are when you have some leftovers.

    The reason why I didn't put most of my points into CRIT and invested into DMG instead is, in most parties, there'll usually be a Crusader or other classes with CRIT buffs in your party. They will give you all the remaining CRIT that you need. If by some chance there's none and you wanted more CRIT, you can always switch to CRIT eidos such as Bel-Chandra or Zaahir. You'll also want as much Boss DMG / Ele DMG as you can get. Also, capped CDMG against bosses ( 300% CDMG total ) is a MUST.

    B. Skills

    Sword Slash - 140% DMG

    Your basic skill. Has a neat but usually forgotten flat damage reduction for 6s.
    Can also be upgraded with masteries to either reduce enemy DEF or DMG by 12%

    Shield Bash - 180% DMG

    One of your highest damaging skill. Long animation time, Stuns.
    Can also be upgraded with mastery to give it a proper AoE effect that is somewhat useful in doing dungeon runs, since everyone will mob everything and kill them all at once.

    Absolute Defense

    Guardian's class mechanic. Hold this skill to reduce incoming damage by 75%, and reflect incoming damage by 150%.
    Also blocks linear skills such as tavanna's or F24 Fenrir's waves.

    Windfury - 115% DMG

    A run-through skill. Works great as a gap closer and as a dodging utility.

    Mirrored Shield

    Damages everyone that attacks you by a fixed amount of damage. Useless in PvE.

    Thunder Cut - 130% DMG

    Your bread and butter skill. Use this often, as it's simply the best offensive skill in your arsenal.
    Upgradable by a multitude of things, such as elemental bonus, right path, and envoys.
    Also upgradable by masteries, but I won't recommend any of them.


    Flat DMG reduction buff and 30% damage reduction. This is what gives you the survivability to survives attacks.
    Use this as often as you can, as it's simply the best defensive skill in your arsenal.

    Terrifying Roar - 120% DMG

    Your opening skill. Huge AoE. Will almost always guarantees you aggro for 4 seconds, Unless some other guardian with higher roar skill level uses this too.

    Defensive Posture

    Your party buff, Gives +DEF, very good at lower levels, not so much at endgame, but you still end up casting this anyway.

    C. Envoy

    Basic envoy for a DPS Guardian

    Guardian's Envoy Path are pretty straightforward. Feel free to put the rest of your points however you want, since building your own character
    is part of the fun of playing a MMORPG, no?

    You may also omit stuff such as the bonus DMG or CDMG node if you find yourself overcapped in CDMG. Just don't bother with the reflect nodes,
    since reflect is useless in PvE.

    Here are another interesting rendition of a guardian's envoy path, by Myanya

    D. Masteries

    Basic mastery loadout that'll work just about anywhere

    Masteries are easily changeable, so don't limit yourself to just one setup. But instead, switch masteries depends on the situation.
    Some of the useful ones that's not listed above includes, but not limited to:

    Booming Shield Bash - Gives Shield Bash a neat AoE

    Pretty useful in runs where you'll be mobbing a lot of monsters.

    Courage - Max HP +7%, Damage taken -4%

    Extra survivability when you find yourself dying too much.

    Deep blue - +4% Detailed Damage, -11% Malice

    I'd probably be viewed as insane for recommending this for use of guardians, but the -11% malice is nothing if your DPS is high enough. Just don't use it when you're still gearing up.

    E. Weapon Path

    Both of guardian's weapon path are good, but considering the right path gives way more DPS, I'll be mostly discussing that here.

    Right weapon path

    Right Path Bonuses:

    -God of Thunder: Gives you a gap closer skill with 190% DMG Coefficient. also gives you a +8% DMG buff. Unfortunately, it's not detailed damage buff, but it's still neat regardless.

    -Thunder Concussion: Thunder Cut damage +15%, also gives thunder cut an additional wave in a + like fashion.
    The additional wave deals roughly 50% of Thunder Cut damage, and is counted as an additional attack.
    Which means, it can procs zeal as well.

    -God of Thunder Fury: 14% base DMG. This is why your base DMG is pretty high.

    As for the points, put maximum amounts into MSPD, CRIT, and feel free to use the rest as you please.
    I recommend CDMG if you didn't manage to cap, or DMG and HP if you don't have anything specific that you want.

    F. Subclasses

    Before picking your subclasses, keep in mind that subclasses are used to buff your main classes. If you're thinking of something like using ravager sub so that you can use ravager skills to deal most of your damages, you're better off picking that other class as your main class instead.

    I do recommend bard sub, due to:
    -12% detailed damage from class mechanics
    -Ballad mastery to fill in the advanced mastery
    -Additional survivability thanks to the assortment of heals

    Other choices that might work are Grenadier for its party buffs and multitude of buffs from the turret, Crusader that can also gives a lot of detailed
    damage and high burst skill, and Warbows, which can gives an extra zeal and movespeed bonus from forted weapons.
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    V. Gears

    A. Weapons

    I will primarily only discuss the endgame weapons here, as for Level 60 and below weapon, you can use whatever green weapon at your level 5 starred.

    Jade Forest Sword and Shield, Level 70 crafted SnS

    Crafted weapons are always a good choice, craft one and fort it to +20 to help you to level to 75.
    You may star it if you don't think you're going switch to the weapon below very easily, but keep in mind that it's pretty expensive.
    Remember to craft it with a Lightning base weapon, as elements carry over from base weapon when crafting.

    Seraphim Trial Sword and Shield, Level 75 Otherworld SnS

    OW Candeo Core Drops. Probably the best weapon that you could get as a guardian right now.
    Switch to this if you can find a 135% and above Lightning elemental one.
    Keep in mind that you'll lose 10% detailed boss damage when switching to this sword.
    Star fodders costs around 150~250g at the time of writing this guide, which is pretty cheap for an OW Drop.

    Lava Secret Stone Sword Slash - DMG+7% CRIT+2%
    Use Lava for the secret stone, and reroll it until one of the additional stats is DMG+2%.

    As for the cards, you may use any zeal cards that you have, but the best would be MSPD zeal.

    B. Armors

    Sniper Set

    Isn't so expensive anymore!

    Yes. Snipers. Not Monarch or ancient observer or whatever. If you're thinking of using FULL ancient observer set, you're at the wrong guide.
    You may mix sets when you have finalized your build, but starting up, it's probably not a good idea.
    Use Imperial/Bestial/Spiky/Shadow for the core, depending on your budget and what do you want.

    You might want to use a DMG/DMG Enchantment cards on most, if not all of them.

    For the secret stones, you might want:

    Head: Whatever that your subclass have
    Chest: Sunrise Windfury - Windfury Critrate + 4%
    Belt: Whatever that your subclass have
    Gloves: Golden Shield Bash - Shield Bash CDMG+ 15%
    Boots: Azure Thundercut - Thundercut Cooldown -10%

    Roll until you get a +2% DMG one for each one of them.

    C. Accessories

    Blinding Reflection Set

    Your go-to accessory set. Gives a lot of crit, 10% crit damage, and best of all, card slots.
    Use Imperial/Bestial/Spiky/Shadow for the core, depending on your budget and what do you want.

    Shirley Set

    Shirley did nothing wrong.

    Optional. These gives a lot of damage, also gives a chance to gives 6% additional damage taken debuff against your target, which is pretty neat.
    These are pretty expensive, and they're less useful when there's more than one person wearing this set since obviously the debuff doesn't stack.
    These also makes you lost a lot of CRIT, but still neat regardless in some situations.

    You might want to use a DMG/DMG Enchantment cards on most, if not all of them.
    Feel free to have both sets, since they're both useful in different circumstances.

    D. Trophies

    Crafted Spangler

    These gives 11% detailed damage against bosses. This is a MUST HAVE equipment for everyone. Whatever you do, make sure you get this first, as it's
    pretty cheap and the bonuses are so huge.
    Use Imperial/Bestial/Spiky/Shadow for the core, depending on your budget and what do you want.

    For the other trophy, feel free to choose anything that you want depending on your situation, some of the good choices include something such as
    green spangler for low budget or specific elemental trophies for specific monsters.

    E. Heraldries

    Heraldries / Gaia Emblems

    For your heraldries, you might want to roll two, one with DMG + 6% just like in the picture, and one preferrably with movespeed + 11%, to catch up with higher movement speed characters.

    F. Eidolons

    For offensive purposes, your best bet are Eligos, Yarnaros or Cleopawtra.
    They gives +24% damage, which is huge.

    Other useful choices are Bel-chandra or Zaahir,
    Which gives +15% CRIT, which you'll most likely need.

    For the upcoming one, Endora 3* might be perfect.

    For defensive purposes, use Vermilion
    Vermilion gives -15% DMG taken, which is very handy, and since compared to tank guardians, we don't really have a lot of base HP, so
    stacking damage taken will work better than stacking hp %.

    G. Costumes

    Basic Costume Loadout with Enchantments

    I rolled DMG at all ( except head, since it doesn't have one ) of my costumes. If you want to replace some with Damage Taken for survivability or CRIT, feel free.

    Head - DMG against Bosses Mastery : Boosting DPS potential. Phalanx mastery obstructs other guardians in your party if you're using left path.
    Face - Ballad Mastery : Bard Sub, because Guardian doesn't have a good face enchantment. Mirrored shield does almost nothing at PvE.
    Armor - CDMG against Bosses Mastery : Boost your CDMG to cap easily. Terrifying Roar mastery does nothing except replace other guardian's roar.
    Ornament - Extreme Speed Mastery : Who doesn't like more movement speed?
    Weapon - Thunder Cut Mastery : There's no other mastery available on this slot, Thunder Cut is your main skill anyway.

    These 5 Costumes enchantments will be enough for most of your needs. There's also supplementary costumes that's useful in some, but usually more limited situations, such as:

    Against specific elements, if you already have enough Boss DMG

    When doing your party buff, switch back to main costume after done buffing.
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    VI. Playing the Game

    In this part, I won't give a single fixed rotation that you'll always use, Instead, I'll give some advices and try to build your own rotation which you're comfortable with from that.

    Basic Rotation Advices:

    -Thunder Cut as the center of your rotation.

    Thunder cut is undoubtably DPS Guardian's strongest skill. While the base dmg coefficient is pretty low, the amount of upgrades it can possibly get is a lot.
    Use it in your rotation often, as not only it was your strongest skill, it also has a low cooldown, good AoE, and generates additional amount of malice.
    Notes: The bonuses are 20% from Weapon elemental, 16% from envoy, 15% from Right Weapon Path, and the additional waves it generates are another instances of attack dealing roughly 50% of thunder cut's damage that procs its own zeal.

    -Why not to spam sword slash

    You use sword slash for defensive purposes such as applying the -DEF / -DMG debuff to the enemy and for the 6s reduce flat damage taken buff.
    By the way, sword slash also doesn't generate extra malice unlike shield bash and thunder cut, so using this too much will make you lose aggro instead. Using this from time to time is still fine though.

    -When to use Roar

    Roar are a good tool to get aggro if you're behind, or as an opener so that the monster's aggro will be instantly on you, but spamming them won't
    do you any good, as they don't give much continuous aggro and they don't deal much damage. Against trash mobs though, you can use this as a DPS tool, considering the AoE is pretty huge.

    VII. Tips and Tricks

    -Jumpcast Everything!

    Jumpcasting is where you jump before you cast your skill, so that your character actually autoattacks and cast the skill at the same time. This increases your DPS a lot, and it also allows you movement while casting the skill. This helps a lot, since Terrifying Roar and Shield Bash has a very long animation time.

    -Windfury as a dodging tool

    Most people just uses windfury as a gap closer. It isn't wrong, but there's another way to use this skill too, as a dodging tool.
    With a skills like windfury, where you'll run through the enemy if they're too close, your hitbox instantly moves the moment the skill came out,
    You can use this to quickly get out of your way out of dangerous red carpets, and get back in position quickly with god of thunder.
    This trick is especially useful against red carpets where there are empty spots behind the enemy, such as Quelkulan's or Hel's dancing wave.


    Examples of where it might be useful:
    -Quelkulan's stunning move
    -Hel's dancing waves
    -ST Floor 23's Bombs

    -Determining whether if you're able to consistently take aggro

    Aggro is pretty much the standard that everyone agrees that a guardian must get. And it's pretty hard to keep track of it, considering there's stuff
    like bosses skill targeting random player, mechanics induced aggro such as gunslinger's charm skill or even a guardian's roar, and such.
    Fortunately, there's actually a pretty handy way to check whether if you're able to take aggro consistently or not, which is:

    Taking aggro from a monster that can't be debuffed.

    That means, you can use any of these below to check, or train to get aggro:
    -Hel at ST Floor 18
    -Nightmare Fenrir at ST Floor 22
    -World Bosses

    Of course, those units still have some skill targetting which targets random players, but when they're done targeting their skill, the aggro will
    come back to the one holding the most 'continuous' aggro.
    While some of can be influenced by differing factors such as different loading time in World Boss or the difference of quality between players on a public RG and organized RG in ST, they're all generally still a good way to gauge your aggro.

    VIII. End Notes

    There's still a lot of things that I haven't touched such as costume enchantments, I'll save that for sometimes later.
    If there's still a question, feel free to ask me or drop a question in the thread. I'll try to help and update this guide if I can.
    If, after reading this guide you're still feeling like playing a guardian, Have fun!
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    Finally a guide from actually good guardian. I hope people are actually going to learn from this.

    [07:11 AM] FreuFreu : I wished was still a casual game but it isn't anymore

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    Awesome guide confirmed.
    I'm surpirsed someone actually makes a guide with skill amplifiers in it and explaining why to use 'etc' skill, why not everyone can be this good.

    Quote Originally Posted by Sera View Post
    I hope people are actually going to learn from this.
    It failed. All the trash tag-only players picking up guard now (see worldchat)
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    Pretty solid guide.

    This is my rendition of guardian envoy tho :

    I call it the perfect pve guardian envoy.

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    10/10 It's ok. - IGN

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    nice guide

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    ok i will change to guard dps now :"" save for sniper set..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yuumu View Post

    IT'S FUN! albeit in a masochistic way
    Pretty much.

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