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    Ultimate In-depth Guide to Gunslinger, The PewPew Class [2015 Updated]

    WTF is a Gunslinger?

    Gunslingers uses guns and goes full Kirito with guns instead of swords

    PVE - One of the top single target DPS class with high mobility and moderate AOE after weapon specialization (year 2020 approx)

    PVP - In lowest of the low trash tier along with our best friend guardian class


    This is a pure PVE envoy, if you want to PVP then go play a different class
    Left = Current
    Right = After weapon specialization (year 2020 approx)


    Dark Flare Trap dramatically increases DoT damage and it's highly recommended for bosses that doesn't die in 3 seconds, Swift gives free 7% movespeed (yes free)

    Skill Rotation (single / aoe)

    JUMP - - JUMP - - JUMP - - JUMP - - JUMP - - JUMP - - JUMP - - JUMP - - JUMP - - JUMP - - JUMP - - JUMP - - JUMP - - JUMP - - JUMP - - JUMP -

    By jumping before casting Gunslinger's amazing skills, you'll be shooting out regular attacks during your skills 100% of the time, thus maximizing your DPS potential. Gunslinger also has the fastest attack speed from their weapon in the game
    (also you'll need 40%+ speed along with "Azure Sonic Bomb" secret stone in belt to pull this off)

    Secondary Weapon

    Bard - My personal favourite for having high DPS output and with Gunslinger's versatile advanced mastery you can use 4% damage ballad unlike other classes

    Bow - Gunslinger + Blessing of the Wind is a strong combo to burn down bosses with a 90 seconds cooldown at capped speed

    Cannon - Provides derpy combo skills + huge critical buff + utility

    Weapon Selection

    The only acceptable element for guns is storm and you'd want to use 2 zeal weapon enchants

    Level 70 - Best boss killer, versatile core, easier to acquire 5 stars

    Recommended cores : Destroyer / Deadly , I prefer nocturnal on sub weapon as they cost more

    Level 75 - Highest damage, 6% damage to all skills

    Trophy Selection

    Spangler Clotting Fangs is crucial, it provides the most boss damage stat and 5% damage to elite monsters is nice as well, using both the orange and green is ideal if you cannot find a Engraving Tag or Teda

    Accessories Selection

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    Armor Selection

    Bestial or Imperial core
    Ideally you'd like 160-170% movement speed for smooth running/dungeon

    Heraldy Selection

    6% damage

    11% storm skill damage

    10% movespeed

    I personally use a damage heraldy on boss and switch to a 10% movement speed for everything else

    Costume Enchantment Selection

    Hat / Face

    Costume [use Lestaro if your primary critical damage + critical damage vs boss combined is not 300% or higher] Lestaro gives 25% critical damage

    Back / Weapon [Use 2% damage on weapon since Gunslingers suck at PVP]

    Secret Stone Selection

    Azure Sonic Bomb (belt) + Gun is the only mandatory stones, as you won't be using other skills since they suck
    Using Zephyr or Thunderous is both fine depending if you want the extra damage or HP, when new dungeons get released then the new 7% damage / 2% critical stones is a must (approx 2020)

    Stats Priority

    Damage - 2% damage to boss / elite monsters

    HP / Damage Taken - 2% boost for survivability

    Critical - 1% flat critical chance

    Critical Damage - Who gives a crap

    The most important thing to keep in mind is that you need to have 300% critical damage vs boss, really don't give a crap about doing 30% extra damage to trash mobs that dies instantly

    Eidolon Selection

    The only Eidolons that give 25% attack speed to further increase your regular attacks with your skills and 24% damage

    Fortifying accessories will improve your pet's offensive and defensive stats greatly and is a considerable small boost to yourself when it's out

    PVP Guide

    Make another class [not our best friend guardian]

    The End [to be continued in 2020]
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    Additional information on some less important matters within this amazing ultimate in-depth guide

    Level 1-70
    Do quests, find someone to give you piggyback in dungeons, hit 70
    This extremely fast process should only take about a week even if you're a casual

    Gold Making
    Donate - you'll receive generous AP to spend on goodies, easy way to spend a couple of bucks to help yourself get recipes you'll need

    Farm LP - you receive 25000 LP for finishing all quest up to sludge and reaching level 70, roll paragons and sell the items you receive; do not try to roll for the top prize as their rates are extremely low

    Alternatively you can farm OW Scandia, Helonia, Cresent and AT/GG/MS solo; this will ultimately net you over 1000+LP per hour

    Farm Dungeons - 1G/boss and many other goodies while you can pray for a flokja drop (it's really bad but people buy it!)

    God Fishing - majestic way of making 800G/day doing absolutely nothing, this art is something you must discover yourselves and the requirement is level 62

    Leveling Service - level 60-70 : 3000G or 3000 AP | level 53-70 : 3200G or 3200 AP, highly not recommended but if you want to be lazy and spend 5 days worth of your fishing gold then I'll level you

    I will not multi-client on your account, you will be accepting teleports
    I will be accommodating to your schedule but keep in mind my timezone is PST so there is limitations
    This process should take 1-3 days depending on your availability

    80%+ Bonus EXP

    List of items you can use to boost your EXP gain

    Sprite - 50%
    Advance xp card - 40%
    Regular xp card - 20%
    7d crystal - 20%
    24h crystal - 20%
    Aura Set - 20%

    If you want to give me your hard earned gold so badly for a few levels then feel free to private message me on forums

    Fishing Gear
    Provides 4000+ Damage or 4000+ HP, don't be lazy and go farm your fishing gear

    Only acceptable food to use is gold grade that gives the most stats and last a whooping jesus 6 hours

    Holy Chest
    I prefer to use weapons that gives critical bonus for Holy Chest, 1 level 75 weapon = 1% critical chance

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    Taking a break

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    this guide makes me excited about 2020

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    Nice guide!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kuuuuuuu View Post

    PVP - In lowest of the low trash tier along with our best friend guardian class
    Don't forget about the Necros

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    I'm waiting for 2020 hue.

    Tho guns is pretty lovely in centurion when you wear nocturnal main hand and then camp the crown area (nosebleed) where most of average-geared participants stay to gain points. X3


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    LVL: 80

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kuuuuuuu View Post

    PVP - In lowest of the low trash tier along with our best friend guardian class

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