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    Shibi's PvE Trinity Katar Full Guide

    Basic Thoughts:
    Katar for PvE in general is so powerful for it combines pretty much anything you want. AoE dmg, single target dmg, survivability, self-heal, dots, burst, etc.. You name it! It's also the only class that has a very very high Skill Amplifiers.

    Stat Allocation:
    A basic full DMG & full HP stat allocation is very suitable for this class. But! For Lv 1 - Lv69, with not much fortification, go ahead and just put all your stats on DMG and DEF for the mean time.

    For the offensive side, maximizing your base damage is a big deal for obvious reasons. Crit isn't that much of a bother since Katar itself has a very high crit rate. Spd won't be a problem as well so don't sweat it.

    For the defensive side, maximizing your hp pool helps you from surviving bursts. Def is really easy to cap anyway so just fortify your armour set and don't worry about your defense. As for evasion, this stat is a very luxurious stat meaning that it only should be focused after literally everything. Luckily as a Katar, they have a very high evasion potential from their envoy path and sky charges buff from inner strength/pranayama release.

    Skill Masteries:
    General Mastery Box Thingy:
    +9% DMG Bonus from Swift Strike

    Attack Mastery Box Thingy:

    Secondary Mastery Box Thingy:
    +15/20/25% Sparks and Flames skill dmg | +20/30/40% Shadow Strike DoT dmg

    Defense Mastery Box Thingy:
    EVA + MOVSpd

    Tactical Mastery Box Thingy:
    I suggest getting all of them to orange for purposes

    Special Mastery Box Thingy:
    Green DMG > DEF | Orange DMG > EVA

    Reason why I chose Green DMG > DEF and Orange DMG > EVA is because your Def is already capped with Green DMG >DEF anyway so you can get the orange version of that later. The Orange DMG > EVA can help you cap EVA with dps set. Using this Mastery will make you lower your dps a bit(Because of the food choices. You'll see it later).

    Gear Set-up:
    Lv1 - Lv59, Just use green dmg % gears.
    Lv60 - Lv69, Craft yourself a full devourer set regardless of the cores and whatnots.

    Basically, don't spend too much gold because our current end game is Lv70+. Your funds should focus on Lv70+ gears.

    Now for the end game set-up! I'll just go through the basics and explain a bit about why I chose what I chose.

    Main Weapon: Crafted Lv70 Katar.
    - Core can either be Destroyer for more damage output, or Restorer to maximize your self heal potential.
    - Aim for 120%+ Atk Bonus.
    - Use transformation tools that decreases EVA and increases DMG (Strengthening Chisel).
    - Embed it with a Zephyr Secret Stone. Aim for stats with DMG +2% as a basic stat then aim for perfect ones with EVA +2% & DMG +2% or CritDMG +4/6% & DMG +2%.
    - Inlay it with a Lv70 Weapon Card with an effect of [DMG +3846/3956/4180/4410/4648 buff] or [SPD + 592/608/643/679/715 & 5% chance to double dmg].

    Sub Weapon: Crafted Lv70 Sub Weapon.
    - Core should be Nocturnal no matter what. For obvious reasons.
    - Aim for 110%+ Atk Bonus. 115%+ Atk Bonus depending on your sub.
    - Use transformation tools that decreases any defensive stat and increases CRIT or SPD only depending on your sub class.
    - Embed it with a Zephyr Secret Stone. Aim for stats with DMG +2% as a basic stat then aim for perfect ones with EVA +2% & DMG +2% or CritDMG +4/6% & DMG +2%.
    - Inlay it with a Lv70 Weapon Card with an effect of [DMG +3846/3956/4180/4410/4648 buff] or [SPD + 592/608/643/679/715 & 5% chance to double dmg]. (Yes, DMG Buff can stack with your main as long as it doesn't have the same value. Although I don't know about the zeal effect card if they stack or not)

    Trophy 1: Crafted Lv70 Spangler Fang.
    - Core can either be Bestial(DMG +1% & HP +1%) or Imperial (MovSPD +3%).

    This trophy is literally the best for PvE for it gives 11% Boss DMG. Nuff said.

    Trophy 2 Choice #1: Lv70 Nirvana's Necklace.

    For the sake of having extra hp. Its base stats are quite cool too.

    Trophy 2 Choice #2: Crafted Lv70 Snow Child Guide.
    - Core can either be Bestial(DMG +1% & HP +1%) or Imperial (MovSPD +3%).

    This trophy is awesome for it gives a decent amount of HP and EVA. Also because of the Boss DMG Reduction!

    Trophy 2 Last Choice: Lv70 Engraving Tag.

    Your end game trophy. It gives 3% Detailed DMG, and 3420 DMG buff at full stack. Base stats are awesome as well. It's a great trophy.

    Violent Acessory Set: Crafted Lv70 Embraced Set.
    - Cores can either be anything with DMG +1%.

    The reason why I put "Violent Accessory Set" there is because we'll only be using this set against mobs that doesn't have element.

    End Game Acessory Set: Lv65 Elemental Accessory Set.

    Why? Because detailed dmg, that's why. If you're one of those players who just focuses on big numbers on your base stats, you're gimping yourself out. Sure you hit hard and looks cool with high base stats without these accessories but just know that these Accessory set can literally double your current DPS.

    Armour Set: Crafted Lv70 Sniper Set.
    - Cores can either be Bestial(DMG +1% & HP +1%) or Imperial (MovSPD +3%).
    - Aim for 115%+ Def Bonus.
    - Use transformation tools the decreases DEF and increases DMG (Strengthening Hammer).
    - Embed these with a FULL SET of secret stones with DMG +2% as a basic stat then aim for perfect ones with EVA +2% & DMG +2% if you want to cap eva in the future or CritDMG +6% & DMG +2% if you want to focus on full full full full dps. Only effective against mobs though. Since CritDMG against bosses will be capped thanks to Lv70 Gears.
    - Inlay these with the Lv70 Armour Cards that gives CRIT +1%, DMG +1%, & DMG +xxx.

    Probably the best PvE set in game atm. Pretty self-explanatory. It gives a very high dps base stats and 20% detailed dmg.

    Costume Enchantments and Stuff:
    Head: Max HP +2% | Boss DMG +10% & Max HP +2%
    Face: DMG +2% | Electrocution Level +5 & DMG +2%
    Costume: DMG +2% | Boss CritDMG +25% & DMG +2%
    Ornament: DMG +2% | Inner Strength Level +5 & DMG +2%
    Weapon: DMG +2% | Lotus Strike Level +5 & DMG +2%

    Make sure to have extra costume hats for ALL "18% Bonus dmg to <Element>". With Max HP +2%. You can add orange card to this like your Boss DMG costume hat one for the skill level +1 effect. You can do that last though.

    PvE general discussion:
    I'm going straight to the point and say one thing... FOCUS ON DETAILED STATS TOO!

    They're a huge deal in dungeons. If you want to learn more about them, I'm going to give out a basic information about it.

    Each dungeons have their own Damage Reduction. All mobs will be applied with the set reduction of the dungeon.

    For example, OW: Hell modes have a 90% Damage Reduction. Each dungeons consist of General Monster, Elite Monster, and Boss Monster, Each of those monsters are applied with 90% Damage Reduction.

    Let's say your damage is 100,000 with 0% detailed dmg. Your damage will be reduced by 90% which is 10,000 damage. Yep. How to counter that? With the help of Detailed DMG ofc.

    Now let's say you have 100,000 damage with 10% boss dmg. Your damage now will only be reduced by 80% which will make you deal 20,000 damage. That's double the previous damage!

    So yeah.. That's why detailed dmg is much more important than base damage.

    But wait! Boss/Elite/Player DMG isn't the only detailed dmg! There's also "DMG to Element +xxx%"!

    The dmg % to element is applied LAST. So with the elemental accessories, they give 30% dmg to a specific element. Your previous 20,000 damage will now be 26,000 damage.

    Yeah.. Awesome ain't it?

    Enough with the offensive topic. Moving on to the defensive topic~

    There's not much to discuss anyway. Just grab a nocturnal and you're done.

    Anyway. As a Katar, your role is to be a tank for your members!

    What is a "Tanker" anyway.

    Well there are 2 kinds of a "Tanker".

    One, is a player with so much beefiness, basically wearing full tank set and what not for the sake of having so much hp and defenses. (Not recommended)

    The other, is a player with less defense BUT, focuses on "best defense is the best offense". (What I recommend)

    Basically a best defense is the best offense player is a full dps build where you kill the opponent before it kills you.

    But what is a tanker anyway? Well in this game, just a person who holds the aggro for everyone else.

    How can you do that? By manipulating the aggro system.

    My tips:
    -Always be in front
    -Always land the first hit
    -Always deal the first burst
    -Don't die

    Dealing the first dmg and burst is a great way to manipulate the aggro. The boss/target received too much dmg from you in so little time that it will focus on you until someone else outdmg's that initial burst of yours.

    Now your plan is to continue that dps.

    As a brawler, your boss rotation will be: Inner Strength > Electrocution > Swift Strike > Blitz Strike > Swift Strike > Backstrike Lotus Strike.

    Now how to survive? Keep your 20% dmg reduction buff up, nocturnal core, and/or if you're fighting a beefy boss, feel free to use Shadow Strike for some self-healing over time effect.
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    Basic Thoughts:
    Katar/Ravager is in my opinion the most powerful combo and can outdps a Ravager. YES. It's possible LOL. For now at least. Thanks to the Ravager nerf. Anyway. Taking Ravager as your sub basically increases your damage output by a lot. AoE and Single Target damage combine thanks to Ravager's high base damage Axe and skill sets.

    Pros of Ravager Sub:
    - Maximizes your AoE damage output
    - Unlocks powerful combo skills
    - Extra HP buff

    Cons of Ravager Sub:
    - High cooldown skillset
    - Difficult to keep a high level of rage bar
    - Takes more time to gear (+20 sub weapon is a must)

    Lv80 Envoy Path:

    Gameplay & Rotations:
    As stated on my first post, Katars should always be the lead. Meaning, you'll be spamming Blitz a lot to dash around and Lure all the mobs.

    What I usually do while luring is, I use Blitz as my gap closer, and I spam ravager skill set only and keeping the 20% dmg reduction buff from inner strength.

    Spam the skills; Mirrored Axe, Flame Slash, Horizontal Slash, Raging Slash, and sometimes Soaring Slash if you're desperate. I suggest not to use Soaring Slash yet tho.

    Anyway. Those 4 skills should be enough to keep the Rage Bar to Lv2 - Lv3.

    Right before you meet the boss, obviously you'll have to clear the mobs. So while your rage bar is at Lv2 - Lv3, gather up the mobs and then use Soaring Slash + Round and Round. You're basically a Ravager here woo! If they're not dead yet, use Horizontal Slash + Flame Slash to keep your Lv4 Rage then use Electrocution + Sparks and Flames.

    Reason why it's good to keep Lv4 Rage in AoE is because of the Tyrannical Fury Lv4 effect.

    As for my boss rotation, it's usually Sparks and Flames > Swift Strike > Swift Strike(Depends if earth charge is full or not) > Backstrike Lotus Strike > Soaring Slash > Horizontal Slash > Lord of Kings combo skill.

    First of all, JUMP CAST EVERY SKILL POSSIBLE PLS. (Soaring Slash isn't jump castable).

    So at first your dps isn't that much yet but it's enough to get the aggro as long as you're the first hit. After 2 - 3 seconds, your dps will sky rocket like ASDHKASDHKASDHGFAGSDASD XD.

    It's the beauty of having a +20 Axe as a sub weapon. Soaring Slash, Horizontal Slash, and Lord of Kings combo skill after a Lotus Strike is such a huge burst.. Try it out yourself lol it's OP!

    The Purple Spin combo skill is unlocked for safety purposes. If you see your hp going down so quick and don't know what to do, button smash this skill for the iframe and take a quick breath and pull yourself back together lol.


    Basic Thoughts:
    Katar/Tachi is almost like the Ravager sub but a bit less dmg. But in exchange, this combo will provide utility and helps you cap EVA with dps set.

    - Boosts your character's overall DPS
    - Unlocks powerful combo skills
    - Helps you cap EVA with its Tachi party buff
    - Powerful 10% lifesteal single target skill
    - More crit
    - Mobile

    - High cooldown skillset
    - Takes more time to gear (+20 sub weapon is a must)

    Skill Mastery Changes:
    General Mastery Box Thingy:
    -DEF % Effect from Soaring Dance Thingy

    Pretty situational. If you don't have any Tachi in your party, this is useful to maximize defense reduction debuff for your whole team or your overall dps if soloing.

    Lv80 Envoy Path:

    Gameplay & Rotations:
    You're still doing the same job as a Katar/Ravager but this time, rotation is different.

    So you're luring, yada yada. What I usually do is I spam, Blitz > Sparks and Flames > Inner Strength.

    I literally do that on every mob. Keeping the Crit and Eva buff from Inner Strength buff is quite easy in this rotation and it's a big help. Since you're gather a bunch of mobs and using a full dps set, doing this can help you cap your eva without stats on it. As I've experienced as well. It's pretty simple.

    So before the boss, what I do is I use the "Gale Tusk Thingy" combo skill, the Green AoE combo skill, on the last mob for iframe while gathering the mobs around.

    After they're gathered up, my rotation is Full Charge Iado > Brilliant Dragon Flash > 2x Dark Tusk Raid > Electrocution > Sparks and Flames.

    Should be enough to clear the mobs!

    Then my single target/boss target rotation is almost like Katar/Ravager's, Sparks and Flames > Swift Strike > Swift Strike(Depends if earth charge is full or not) > Backstrike Lotus Strike > Sudden Thousand Slashes > Crescent Assault combo skill.

    Yep. +20 sub weapon is a must to bring out the maximum potential of this rotation/sub class. It's very worth it in the end tho.


    Basic Thoughts:
    Katar/Gunslinger is a pretty basic yet amazing combo for PvE thanks to the traps and SPD buff.

    - Supports your main class damage output with traps and SPD buff
    - Unlocks useful combo skills
    - Helps you cap your AtkSPD and SPD easily thanks to the SPD buff
    - Not necessary to +20 your sub weapon but it's still a big help

    - Loses a lot of HP cuz of the Pistols
    - Not as strong as the other 2 subclass
    - Meh

    Skill Mastery Changes:
    General Mastery Box Thingy:
    -DEF % Effect from Bombardment

    Pretty situational. If you don't have any Gunslinger in your party, this is useful to maximize defense reduction debuff for your whole team or your overdps if soloing.

    Lv80 Envoy Path:

    Gameplay & Rotations:
    Same role as any other subclass.

    Although you'll do the same thing while luring as a Katar/Tachi. Blitz > Sparks and Flames > Inner Strength to keep that earth and sky charges buff up.

    Once you gather up the mobs, use the Acrobatic Flurry combo skill. It's an AoE combo skill that also stuns!

    So basically, Acrobatic Flurry > Dark Trap > Electrocution > Sparks and Flames.

    Just repeat Elec and SnF if it's not enough to clear the mobs.

    And my boss target rotation is usually Electrocution > Frost Trap > Swift Strike > Swift Strike(Depends if earth charge is full or not) > Back Strike Lotus Strike > Flaming Blaze thingy combo skill.


    Basically they're all almost the same, just different usage and purposes so choose one you enjoy the most!

    The reason why I always have 2 unlocked combo skill is because 1 is the strongest combo skill and 2 is the utility combo skill. Using the strongest combo skill after a lotus strike can make your burst as stable as possible so you can keep the aggro and fulfill your role as an off-tank.

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    As a PvE build and don't plan on focusing on PvPing in the future, choose Grimm as your starting eidolon for reasons you'll see later.

    Main Eidolons:
    Yarnaros 3* (F7)
    - Very useful for boss targets only. Situational as well. For example: The boss is Dark and you don't have an eidolon that have "15% Dmg to Dark Target", then use this one as a replacement or temporary usage. Another reason is that Crit DMG is easily capped against bosses so, Uzuriel 3* won't be needed unless the boss is Storm.

    Uzuriel 3* (F8)
    - Very useful for clearing mobs. If you have less than 250% base CritDMG, use Uzuriel as a temporary eidolon just to clear mobs because 60% Crit Dmg > 24% Base Dmg / 15% ele dmg vs general mobs.

    Elemental Eidolons:
    Uzuriel/Cyril - 15% dmg to storm
    Tigerius/Gigas - 15% dmg to lightning
    Ghroudon/Maja - 15% dmg to dark
    Nalani/Vayu - 15% dmg to holy
    Grimm - 15% dmg to fire
    Nazrudin - 15% dmg to ice

    It is very recommended to 1* these eidolons, all of them, so you can switch them out in certain dungeons. You'll get a hang of it eventually.

    Food and Drinks:
    There's 2 setup you'll be choosing.

    If you're a FULL DPS type and is using the Green/Orange DMG > DEF Special Mastery:
    Lv70 "Teppanyaki" Food - CRIT | SPD | 5/10% chance to deal 70% bonus dmg or 5/10% chance to deal 90% bonus dmg
    Lv70 ""Seafood Chowder" Drink - SPD | DMG | MovSPD +3/4/5/6% MovSPD

    This setup will maximize your dps output, obviously.

    If you're a Half Survivability DPS type and is using the orange DMG > EVA Special Mastery:
    Lv70 "Chicken Cake" Food - DEF | EVA | 3/5% dmg/boss dmg reduction
    Lv70 "Eggs, Nut, Honey" Drink - HP | DEF | HP +7/8/9/10%

    This setup will help you gain back the loss DEF from the DMG > DEF Mastery and can also help you cap EVA with no stats on it and using DPS set.

    - 10 and more months of experience with Aura Kingdom as a Katar class.
    - Fluff! Huge thanks to Fluff. Without her, Shibi wouldn't exist. She always helps me with a lot of things like get my gears up, gives me gold, lends me gold, and basically motivates me to play the game more x).
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    Future Plan
    Most likely after weapon spec comes out, I might be changing my subclass, envoy path, eidolon, gear/item wise, and gameplay.

    Subclass Changes
    -The reason I chose WarBow sub is because of the decent spd buff and zeal buff. Since in the future once we get weapon spec, most likely we're going to get the left path because it's really great for single target. We'll be able to spam Lotus Strike 3 times in 6 seconds so we'll be focusing on spamming Main Katar skills. There are more reasons why WarBow would be the best sub but I don't have to explain it since it's very self explanatory already.

    Envoy Path Changes

    -As you can tell, it's more focused on offensive now. Which is good. Since PvE will be a joke in the future. It's best to go full offensive.

    -Now that's, full offensive! I'm totally going to do this lol! One of the reason why I took those critdmg nodes it's so I won't have to change to Uzuriel all the time when fighting against mobs. That, and also because of my main eidolon change.

    Eidolon Changes
    Bel-Chandra 3*
    -Finally she's here! She gives so much crit which is good to cover up the crit loss from not using the Lv70 embraced set because I'm focusing on elemental accs. Also that 20% crit dmg party buff is very useful for cleaning mobs. In my case, I don't need Yarnaros or Eligos because I don't wanna risk the chances of my skills not critting and it happens a lot to me even when I had 75%+ crit rate. So I said to myself, Why not aim for 100%+ crit rate. And I got it without adding stats on it with Bel-Chandra! Yay. Forever crit! Also, Lotus strike will be our burst skill and in the future, Lotus Strike will be fucking brutal lol.

    Gear/item Wise Changes
    -Our main weapon will obviously change once Lv75 OW Katar comes out because it's frickin awesome. And yeah, Add a Zeal card in this.
    -Sub weapon will obviously be a nocturnal Lv70 Bow. Add a Zeal card in this too.

    Food and Drink
    -My food and drink will now be zeals. Lv40 Miracle Tea Drink and Lv70 Teppanyaki Food. For obvious reasons.

    Special Mastery Changes
    Deep Blue Mastery
    -I might change to this. Mostly because I'm using elemental costume hats and lv75 ow weapon, so I'll be needing to cover up my boss dmg again. It really depends if the future dungeons will hurt after the nocturnal nerf and without the dmg > def mastery.

    Gameplay Changes
    Nothing big has changed rather than 100% focusing on Offensive. Since PvE will be such a joke and it is already anyway. So yeah. Rotations will remain the same but will be using the Zeal Buff from WarBow skill set every boss fight and spamming Charge Master envoy path node to maintain almost critdmg cap against mobs.

    Boss Rotation
    Inner Strength > Zeal Buff > Swift Strike > Sparks and Flames > Swift Strike(If not 3 charges) > Lotus Strike(1.5) > Electrocution(1.3) > Swift Strike(1.5) > Lotus Strike(1.5) > Lotus Strike.

    If you're not blind, you'll notice that I added the GCD of the skills after using the first Lotus Strike. That's because once your Left Path Weapon Spec reaches Lv30, You can spam Lotus Strike 3 times in 6 seconds. The rotation after the first Lotus Strike takes 5.8 seconds to complete. Therefore you can finish it up with another Lotus Strike before the 6 second mark from the Lotus Strike Spam.

    B2b/Mob Rotation
    Blitz > Sparks and Flames > Inner Strength > Repeat.

    Also maintain 9% dmg buff from swift strike.

    Just to deal some dmg while luring and also to keep the charge master envoy path node buff up as well as inner strength buffs. Pretty basic.

    Will talk about this more once I play through it in the future. This is just a plan on paper. It might work, it might not work, we'll see.


    Katar/Ravager AoE rotation demonstration:
    -I took off the sounds cuz it's not needed.

    Katar/Tachi AoE rotation demonstration:
    -Yeah, it was pretty sloppy but basically, just do Brilliant Dragon Flash > 2x Dark Tusk Raid > Electrocution > Sparks and Flames lmao.

    Katar/Gunslinger AoE rotation demonstration:
    -Oh and sorry about the quality. I forgot to set the recorder's fps to 60 and I don't have the best pc for streaming xD.

    Awful and Failed solo attempt of SoE:
    -Was laughing the whole time and crashed in the end LOL. Naisu. Anyway, wondering if I can actually solo SoE? Yes and no. Demir kinda hates me.

    Solo Lv70 FH Party Dungeon Attempt:
    -Cube in at the end pls!

    Solo SoE:
    -Now that was easy!

    Duoing Lv66 CS Hell Mode with muh bae:
    -Thanks sefi for the crystal trick!

    Playing around with the Weapon Specialization: &
    -In OW DC Hell and Party.

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    Im not a Katar but knowing all this makes me wanna try it now :Q

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    nice guide maybe i will try katar

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    try katar guise, you won't regret it hahaha

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    Thanks a lot Shib~ This guide helps a lot in building my Katar :3


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    Cool guide. *o*
    Now makes me want to level my katar. My starting eido tho. ;3;

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    Thanks guys!

    Hope it all made sense to y'all. I'm not that good at explaining. >.>

    Quote Originally Posted by Shichi View Post
    Cool guide. *o*
    Now makes me want to level my katar. My starting eido tho. ;3;
    Amg ikr. I have Serif on my Katar..

    Look what I found tho!

    xD it's possible that we can get the starter eidolons but idk how Aura will implement it or if ever she's going to implement it.

    But yeah, it sucks that Grimm is the only eido that has 15% dmg to flame ._.

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