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    [Valentine's Forum Event] ♥ A Day To Remember ♥

    ♥ A Day To Remember ♥
    Hear the wedding bells chime
    Part of life so divine
    A sweet kiss to share
    No moment can compare
    When two become one
    Under a sacred bond

    Share your most memorable wedding moments in Azuria! If you don't have any yet, show us what your dream wedding would look like. Go out and explore the best venue for your wedding!

    - The happy couple must post a total of THREE (3) screenshots in this thread.
    - Keep it to one post in this thread per couple, please!
    - Include both of your IGNs in your entry.
    - The theme of your wedding is up to you: a wedding at the beach, a snowy wedding, a wedding in the middle of battle, etc.
    - Go all out with editing visuals into your screenshots.

    Entries can be submitted/edited until February 28, 2020.

    3 Couples can win:
    A Honeymoon in Navea
    1 Ring of Oath + 2,500 Rose Honoraria each player

    A Honeymoon in Navea
    This place looks just like Navea! But wait, what are all those treasure chests littered about the area?
    Each couple has 5 minutes to go through this Navea-lookalike map and kill as many treasure chests as they can!
    The treasure chests range from Time Library Party Chests to Nightmare Dungeon Chests to Sky Tower Hell Chests!

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    IGN: Kiiea
    Couple IGN: YataRena

    ♥ Wedding in Chapel ♥

    Being couple with my best friend. You the Ying to my Yang. Every moment is very precious to me.
    I appreciate you more than anything.

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    Red face From Pynk with Love <3

    IGN: DreamyPynk
    Couple IGN: HayatoFuj

    My Dream Came True Since I Found You!

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    IGN: Borger
    Couple IGN: Mirinae

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    Beauty and The Beast

    Our IGNs: Saltea and RoninSlayer

    Disney's Fairy Tale Wedding Theme
    You call me your Queen so I call you my King

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    IGNs: Antique and FengXiu

    A quiet wedding night all alone, reminiscing the time spent together. Happy 3rd anniversary uwu

    Viare - Bow
    Antique - Lance

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