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    I can't craft my items.

    I bought inquistior's necklace & ring formula form sebastian.
    but, I spend 500 golds each formula (actually 600 golds)
    When I registered them for crafting them, I can't find it from crafting.
    Could you tell me fix this bug?
    I lost 1000 golds ;-;
    I think I buy error items.
    I will send some pictures
    my gold 1297 -> 193

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    I have checked the recipes myself. They don't seem to bugged. Maybe you purchased the wrong recipes? There is a pop-up window to confirm your purchases, but there are some items without it (usually worth less than 100 gold).

    Please make sure to check the items you are buying.
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    I lost my 1000 golds.
    Could you recovery golds?
    You can maybe check my logs. ;-;
    I buy them about AM 5:30
    I worried that If I buy formulas again, it happen to bug again me.
    That is The most worrying thing
    I can earn golds again, but I can't buy them.
    Because I will buy bug items again.
    I don't know why happen to me.
    My friend can get it without problems.
    Thank you to reading it, and Sorry for confusion.
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    I have sent 1,000 gold to Terna.

    Please note that I will only do this once. Do exercise caution in your transactions.

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    Thank you

    Thank you for your help
    I will keep in mind about your advice
    Really thank you <3

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