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    Cannot create new character.

    Hey there!

    I just returned from a rather long ak break today (been 2 years or something like that) and, after spending hours on being confused about everything and ducks - especially the ducks - decided to create a new character to test out one of the two classes released while I was gone.

    Weeell... it didn't work the way I wanted it to. First, I couldn't create a character and thought "I must have used all my slots," despite remembering that I used to have more than 17 chars, so I simply deleted a level 1 "i maybe want to use that name later"-character to make place for a Performer/Dragonloli-thingy. But despite deleting the character, I still couldn't create a new one. Then I found the reason at the upper right:

    Did this server lower the number of possible characters? I bought a couple character slot expensions back then that doesn't seem to be accounted for anymore. What's up with that?

    Hope you can help me with this issue..

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    The default free slots is 9. You will need a Character Slot Expansion Card (available in the Item Mall > Special Promotion) in order to increase the number of characters you can create. The maximum character slots is 21.

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    Yes. I know of those Expansion Cards. I have bought them already - as I mentioned. That is how I got to 17 characters in the first place^^"

    The issue is that they do not work anymore.

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    What does yours say? Like what error message do you get cause you said they don't work anymore.

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    It says I only have bought 4 of 12 possible Expansions, which obviously cannot be true, given the number of characters I have right now and used to have..
    Looks like something reduced the number of Expansions on my account.

    Edit: As for the error message: There is none. I cannot click the create button at all.
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    Old accounts that were made back when free slot cap was 12 have ended up with this issue.
    You can't really do much more than buy and use more expansions.

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    I guess I don't get to test out the new ones then^^"
    Thank you for explaining.

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    You can delete characters until you have an available slot or buy the expansions. Not sure if you were using them as storage characters or whatever but since personal warehouses now default to like 100 slots it’s probably doable unless you plan on playing all those characters.

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    You can only delete 3 characters per day.

    As for using the boost card, a Boost button should appear provided you have enough character slots. Click that instead of using the Create option in the character selection interface.

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