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    Need help from any gm

    So i returnet to the game since since the last time the game was unplayable due to the lag freezing stutter caused by skill from gunslinger, ballad etc.
    Now i figured it out what is, i deleted all my character except my main lancer. The lag is still there. i've thinked about any item bugged or other stuff.

    i created a new account to try if the problem is my pc or what, and for my surprise there was no lag anymore. I played all fine without any freezing etc with a gunslinger.

    Test 2. Played in a friend account with her gunslinger to test it, and with his account the lag was not there too.

    so in the end there's a problem in my account that makes the game freeze stutter.

    Any help out there to figure out what is it?. I dont want to start all over again due to that bug

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    uwu there's been cases of client-side lag lately, maybe try to reinstall the game?

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