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    [New Astral Puzzle and Promotions] December 9th

    Astral Puzzle and Promotions Change

    Patch Notes:

    New Astral Puzzle [Sweet Edition]
    December is here and the Holidays wouldn't be complete without a sweet puzzle. Inspired by candy and desserts we will have a full week with extra sugar.
    - Release of "Bunny Alice" maid costume.
    - Release on Astral Puzzle of Coffee and Ice Cream Trucks.
    - Release on Puzzle of Golden Banana Split Boat.
    - Sundae Dessert Boats.
    - Maid Costumes: Including Foxy, Bunny, House on the Prairie and Cooking Kitty Dress.
    - Dessert Costumes.
    - Shirley's Tea Time Mounts and Costume Weapon.
    - Dessert Weapons: Forks and Spoons; Sundae Staff.
    - Sweet Face Accessories.

    New AP and Promotions:

    AP Store: Liberty Release
    Liberty, the Goddess of Peace and Harmony will be debuting in Meridia. Together with her Libra Staff and her magic skills, Liberty has come to this world to bring balance. She will be in the good company of other Goddesses, magical outfits and accessories.

    LP Store: Deadly Asian Promo
    Our Loyalty Store will be a feast to the eyes of the asian-inspired costume lovers. With the release in the loyalty store of the deadly gueisha and the asian spy costume sets, our Promotion will be filled with costumes, accessories, costumes weapons and senshi contracts.

    Promotions will become available on this Monday (December 9th) and they will last for one week.

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    thank you Aura

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    Thank you so much as always.

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    The Overworld


    do not buy these items
    or their characters that have it will stay on an infinite load screen and get a bug splat and can not use that character
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    Very much noted, Shien.

    Please advise your fellow players in-game as well. The dev is on leave starting today I believe, and will be before Christmas.

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