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    Stuck at game.bin download. Need game.bin from someone that worked.

    I am having a game.bin/error while patching today. I already follow the instruction on forum such as...

    1. add exception to window defender and firewall

    2. Run as admin both laucher and _laucher

    3. Delete old game.bin

    4. full scan

    5. clean install

    6. run AK launcher on another laptop to get game.bin and ran into the same error despite being on different os (W7/W10)

    and nothing work. the only solution i have left according to old thread is to manually apply a working game.bin but i don't have any friend who play this game right now.

    Is there any other solution to fix this problem? thank you.

    FIXED: Using VPN fix the issue. I didn't expect that.
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    When the game has to redownload the game.bin, sometimes even having the game in your exceptions might still block the process. Since the game.bin is the actual executable for the game, it is mostly (along with launcher.exe, but that file rarely changes) what antivirus detects as a potential threat. The reason behind this false positive is how our game.bin is packed and the program we used to pack it. Since its not "sign" (meaning that for windows it has been made by an unknown manufacturer, and therefore, it considers it dangerous) some antivirus will block the download, and some will delete it after the download. This issue is what prevents some people to update, and its also related to people stuck in the character selection window (which happens because the game.bin didn't update at all).

    Sadly, we cannot afford to not pack the game.bin, regardless if sometimes brings to our players some issues. Because if the game.bin was unpacked, it would allow to inject all kind of third-party and external programs to the game, with terrible results for the game economy and playing in general, as we already saw in some other servers completely infected by boting issues.

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    Thank you for the response Aura. The game was patched and running fine for me now.

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