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    The dev is currently on vacation and the next scheduled maintenance will be on the 30th of December. It's unlikely we'll find a solution before the end of the year.

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    I have that freeze too and it started when Aqua nightmare got released. I forgot if new buff bar was up at the same time.
    and the worst is in that Nightmare Aqua dungeon.

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    Casual bump for any info on a potential fix any time this century?

    I've been doing tests on every class i have. It's definitely when something that shows up on the buff bar procs. It's obv worse on classes which proc every skill such as rav, shuri, guns, necro, katar, tachi, bard and duelist -- all of which are unplayable.

    Some classes aren't that bad and some class procs don't even cause the hitching. One example is wizards rejuvinating prayer buffs, another would be any buffs from armor, accs and trophies.

    I'm not convinced it's the envoys path that does this, after all tunes on bard isn't an envoy skill (i'm aware skills such as ballad are buffed by envoy but it still hitches as a subclass). Truth is i have no idea the difference between skills that do and dont cause hitching. Would it be possible to have an option to go back to the old buff bar, like an on/off switch? Just to see if it changes it?

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