[New Monster Hunt Goals]
September's List
Are you ready for a stroll down memory lane? On September's Edition of our Monster Hunt, we will chase some old and almost forgotten enemies. Remember the better times of your powerless status in which you atually struggled to kill them! And in the process, win amazing rewards, like always.

Server Challenge:
Players will have to defeat the following list of monsters:
1.<Otherworld Charm Queen> Ruth on Otherworld: Titan's Root (Hell Mode) x1000
2.<Otherworld Demon Glutton> Gainey on Otherworld: Cadilla Felwood x1000
3.<Otherworld Soul Hattered> Keres on Otherworld: Twilight Forest (Hell Mode) x1500
4.<Otherworld Lightning Baroness> Fatima on Otherworld: Marsh of the Damned (Hell Mode) x1500
5.4<Otherworld Dark Samurai> Winston on Otherworld: Streamer Cave (Hell Mode) x2000

Prizes for Server Challenge will remain the same:
1. Unlocking First Tier: Hunters Proffesional Boost - 100% extra prof experience for seven days.
2. Unlocking Second Tier: Hunters Blessing of Greed - 50% discount in all gear crafting for seven days.
3. Unlocking Third Tier: Hunters Experience Boost - 100% extra experience from monsters for seven days.
4. Unlocking Fourth Tier: Hunters Sign of Power - +3% to all stats for seven days.
5. Unlock Fifth Tier: Hunters Charm of Luck - 2 extra treasures from all bosses for seven days.

Guild Challenge:
Players will have to defeat the following list of monsters:
1.<Sky-Dragon King> Flokja on Sky Landing of the Dragon King x90
2.<Aqua Dragon Queen> Lianne Riverwalker on Siege of the Aqua Dragon Queen x90
3.<Fire Watchdog> Belios on Pyroclastic Purgatory x90
4.<Storm Dominator> Dark Beast on Tempestuos Temple x90
5.<Icefall Dragon> Fafnir on Frozen Ruins of Zahr-Kazaal x90

Prizes for Guild Challenge stays the same:
1. Unlocking First Tier: Guild Contribution Points x500
2. Unlocking Second Tier: Guild Contribution Points x1000
3. Unlocking Third Tier: Fantasy Wishing Card x5 (Removes Fully Blessed)
4. Unlocking Fourth Tier: Fantasy Wishing Card x5 (Removes Fully Blessed)
5. Unlock Fifth Tier: Guild Contribution Points x2000

Solo Challenge:
Players will have to defeat the following list of monsters:
1. <Great Leviathan> Nazrudin on node 1261 Whirpool Abyss (Solo) x30
2. <Infernal Efreet> Zahir on node 1220 Infernal Abyss (Solo) x30
3. <FlameCaller> Ghodroon on node 1262 Avarice Abyss (Solo) x30
4. <Divine Judgment> Nalani on node 1263 Bright Abyss (Solo) x30
5. <Wings of Sin> Edlow on node 1701 Gates of Hell (Solo) x30

Prizes for Solo Challenge will be the following:
1. Unlocking First Tier: Azurian Grilled Meat x1
2. Unlocking Second Tier: Mapo Tofu x1
3. Unlocking Third Tier: Marina's Call x1
4. Unlocking Fourth Tier: Elemental Cube x1
5. Unlock Fifth Tier: <Little Brat> Aura x1

If you need for more information regarding the Monster Hunt mechanics, you can check for all details here.