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Aura I got so disapointed with Serena boxes.
They give furnitures not furnitures recipes. So still rip the not obtainable ones for craftingt. There are few recipes but not the one that count for the achivement like custom nautical sofa or european windows and more.
The recipes there at Serena almost ALL in npc shop in house so gives nothing more. Am very sad ..........
Others than that boxes are very nice. I like the head items and food too.
We will expand the available recipes at Serena Boxes with a few more bags later on.

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aqua is still s10+ only. im guessing the requirement change is s10 to s15++ lvl(in case of another lvl cap) and not sl1+
Siege is suppose to be SLV10+. The requirement for Landing was changed to SLV1 - SLV15. If anything on any thread says differently, it was certainly a typo.