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    Server Maintenance 30/07/2019

    Server Maintenance on July 30.

    Patch Notes:

    New Astral Puzzle [Glowing Blossom Edition]
    This week's puzzle will be a combination of oriental styled costumes and asian inspired senshis. With all kind of costumes for both females and males, including the release of a new set. And senshi contracts of all colours, tradeables and not, to complete your asian collection.
    - Release of Hundred Flowers Costume Set.
    - Spring and Flower Hair Accesories.
    - Senshi Contracts: Sakura Blossom, Blossom, Miko, Yu Ji, Bishamonten, Raspberry, Sakura, Azusa, Kitsune, Lele and Kunoichi.
    - Blossom Costume Set.
    - Sakura and Bishamonten Costume Sets.
    - Loyal Samurai Costume Set.
    - Miko Sacred Dress and Sakura Uniform.
    - Blossoming Costume Set.
    - Silver Warrior Costume Set.
    - Festivals Costume Sets.
    And much more!

    New AP and Promotions:

    AP Store and LP Consumables Edition
    Including buffs, rerolls, evolution scrolls, exp items, with up to 50% discounts.

    AP Store: Wings Day
    Releasing two new feather options to the game and all kind of ornaments. Plus, different type of back enchantment cards.

    LP Store: A day in the forest
    Release of Red Leaf Senshi Contracts on the Loyalty Store. Forest inspired fashion and adorable mounts for a stroll through the leaves.

    Bonus Mall:
    Release of new Senshi: <<Flower Drum>> Starwood. A new pop idol for your collection of music inspired senshis. It will come to the store in company of Melody and Christmas Carroll. Plus, all kind of music inspired fashion: Melody's Costume Set and Idol Microphone, Show By Rock Costume Collection, Ornaments, Mounts and more.

    Promotions will become available on Wednesday, July 31th.

    Some fixes
    We have included several fixes for enchantment reports; this includes some problems reported about store items as VIP contracts and 1 day Loot Charms. We have also added several translations to the game. We are sorry for the delay on updates; but honest true is that with the amount of resources and staff we have, and the priority we can give to Twin Saga given the amount of users we have, we cannot commit to weekly maintenances. We still try, and try to improve, our schedule for promotions and puzzles, so you still have something to do within the game. And we still plan to update the game, adding missing maps, and the new class among other stuff. But given the conditions, I cannot give you an ETA yet.

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    Thanks to the aura for responding to me in the announcement!
    Last edited by fairy520; 07-30-2019 at 05:38 PM.

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    Finaly get an answer that good just let us know f you get trouble or if you need moretime to do something ignored us is not a good thing and is a bit rude .but thank you for this maint .

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    Thank you so much, we can understand the situation when you finally said it out. Thank you.

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    The Overworld
    apparently the job classes broke

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    Thank you always.

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    cannot play the game crash all time
    all buffs are gone astral don t show vip contract are gone all class are 0 when atk in djn the game crash
    impossible to play

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    It's unable to play the game right now. All buffs are lost. All classes are not able to play. Game crashes so often. Please fix when you are online Aura. Thank you.

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    my 30days VIP contract is gone too... | Ign: 46Neko

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    What happened? I can't even use a skill lol

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