View Poll Results: What should be our next Nightmare?

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  • Frozenlea Plains

    11 7.75%
  • Landing of the Sky Dragon King and Nightmare Siege of the Aqua-Dragon Queen

    65 45.77%
  • DawnClif Path

    1 0.70%
  • Twilight Forest

    6 4.23%
  • Otherworld Candetonn Hills

    3 2.11%
  • Frozen Ruins of Zaar-Kazaal

    4 2.82%
  • Avarice Abyss

    3 2.11%
  • Infernal Abyss

    10 7.04%
  • Nightmare Revelations

    1 0.70%
  • Dormance Castle

    38 26.76%
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    I like Infernal Abyss always liked it and I used to farm lots of eidolon xp crystals there and in Whirpool Abyss.
    If IA nightmare were giving the nightmare xp crystals that would help a lot of players level eidolons.
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    In terms of the dungeons mechanics I feel that sky dragon use to be most fun because you were constantly yo-yo ing your health bar with nocturnal to survive. Due to the way getting tankier works now I feel that you either run into a situation where a guard or someone goes tank gear and pulls everything or you kill/pull everything in the way most people run the current nightmare lament. Due to this I don't see it as being quite as fun as some of the other options. I see the merit in considering it a challenge but I can't see the way in which it becomes that without requiring some drastic meta changes at which point finding people to run becomes an issue anyway. Plus by very nature it's not a 100% end game dungeon anyway I mean you gain damage per level and it's main intent is not to be run by s15 players (s5 vs s15 being 25% difference on an s5 mob and more on an s15).

    Both siege and landing mostly presented difficulty with mobs as did the current lament which does have potential to be fun as we gear towards being able to run straight through. As a side not to that I hope immunity is also unavailable if these dungeons do get implemented as well I'm sure by now we have all run dungeons where people are quite literally permanently immune due to eidos. I do however believe that the bosses in these dungeons are relatively uninteresting. Taloc is an interesting fight due to the need to burst it quickly whilst also attempting to not cover the floor in carpets with positioning. Unless my memory is bad I don't remember paying much attention to anything the bosses in siege or landing did. Never the less I am sure if they are chosen they will be enjoyable dungeons for other reasons.

    Sorry the post is long but I thought I should mention rewards briefly also. It will likely come as no surprise that I am not a big fan of massive exp gain dungeons. I love spending far too long running vanilla dungeons for exp, the mats they dropped use to be worth doing it for and of course so did the exp. I think they were plenty rewarding for a long time but now ranch exists I get why that is not so much the case (stares at the 7 accounts people log in to mine on). It's no bad thing that we get the choice of how to get the materials and sure lament makes up the exp for that but I feel that striking a balance between new dungeons giving exp, making them difficult and that not making vanilla dungeons somewhat redundant as an alternative is a big ask. The drops from the dungeon of course will change a lot of how this all works for sure but as a lover of spamming stupidly easy vanilla dungeons (even dcp and sc although less so) I mainly don't want to see them be made completely redundant.

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    I'm all up for people posting their opinions and feedback and they do help us in the creating process, but:
    1) I will not tolerate personal feuds in this thread.
    2) As constructive the feedback from players is to determine how we will shape the new nightmare, we will base our pick on what the majority chooses. Otherwise I wouldn't have made a poll.

    I think I have already said everything else that I wanted to say in my previous reply.

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