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    Server Maintenance 22/03/2019

    Server Maintenance on March 22.
    Our maintenance scheduled for this week will start between 2pm (server time) and 4pm (server time). It will be a long maintenance, so expect the server to be offline for at least 2 hours.

    Patch Notes:
    - Addition of two new maps with their correspondant quests.
    - New Level Cap for both characters and classes.
    - Addition to the game of LV90 armors, accessories, trinkets and weapons.
    - Addition of new dungeons to the game.
    - New "Sacred Crystal" and "Sacred Crystal Enhancement" Systems.
    - New Gear, Accessories, and trinkets evolutions (6 stars).
    - Unlock of Senshi 5* star buffs, with the inclusion of their correspondant keys and crystals for evolving.

    Today's content will include everything that was already tested in the beta test that took place last year and will update the game up to 95 content. We are working on a more steady rythmn for adding the missing updates and our intentions is to be head to head with TW during this year, so we will have new content coming in the following months (including the missing maps, dungeons, level cap and guitar class that has been released on official server).

    To make this pace steady enough and update the game as sooner as we can, we will ask the collaboration of players regarding translations. Anyone who is willing to help on the translation proccess of the game will be rewarded. So if you want to volunteer, you can contact me via discord and we will proceed for there.

    New Astral Puzzle [Do the Evolution]
    With the new introduction of content to the game, we couldn't miss the opportunity to devote this week's puzzle to help you a little. For one week, you will find our astral puzzle filled with goodies that will get you advanced to the next tier of content.
    - Legendary Evolution Scrolls
    - Superior Evolution Scrolls
    - 1 Day Loot Charms of different qualities
    - ExP items
    - backpacks
    - Loot charms
    - buff scrolls
    And more!

    New AP and LP Promotion: Senshi Rampage
    Given all of your senshis will need a little boost to get to 5* stars, we want to give you a hand to get you started. Both shops will be filled with senshi contracts and senshi items, including: Sakura Blossom at the AP Store. Jade and Miko at the LP Store. New Sublimation Crystals for 5* evolution. Senshi Crystals, gems, rerolls and transfer scrolls with discounts. 4* and 5* evolution keys with discounts.

    New Bonus Mall Promotion: Introducing Raspberry!
    This gorgeous little lover of animals and her faithful cotton-ball rabbit companion will be joining us in the Bonus Mall for what is left of the month, so you will have a chance to get your hands on her before she is officially released in our Astral Puzzle during April. She will be coming in the company of another rabbit lovers: Lilith! Inspired by her kind spirit, the promotion will be filled with adorable creatures aswell.

    Promotions will be available from March 25 to April 1st. We will be also updating several categories of our shop through next all next week.

    New Monster Hunt Rewards:
    Available for March and April. Our new monster hunt rewards will introduce some new items to the game, and everything you need to enhance them: the sacred crystals.

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    wow thank you so much Aura and the team

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    thank you very much Aura for all the hard work to bring us the new content ٩(ˊᗜˋ*)و

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    Thanks for the updated.

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    Please add the items for accepting the quest of 2nd job change and the items for complete the quests. We need all classes of the item in LP shop. The main quest only give us one scroll for accepting the quest and if you use it without knowing anything it would be useless item later.

    Edit: We can get the scroll for accepting the quest of 2nd job change in Desert Valley and Treasure Manor but the dungeons are kinda hard for new players and the rate is liked: You went for 50~100 runs and only got one scroll. To enjoy the 2nd job change after 1st job level reached 80, we should add the items in mall just like Taiwan.
    For you don't know how the items look like.
    : Job evolution scroll.
    : Job knowledge collection. (the image is 2nd job change Sword Master)

    Edit2: We can get the page for crafting Job knowledge collection by completing the Daily quests and Weekly quests but for now I can't find the quest anywhere, maybe it's not translated yet.
    This is how the item looks like.
    : Job knowledge page. - We need 3 pages to craft 1 Job knowledge collection with 12.5% chance to success.

    Edit4: I found the Daily quest and Weekly quest for Job knowledge page. There are Daily Achievements and Weekly Achievements in Quest Log Achievements. And as I expected, it is not translated yet. But I bet that you need to complete 8 tasks to complete it in each section.

    Edit3: Also, now we already got the 2nd job change, can you add all classes manual in shop too? Thanks
    Last edited by Sandora; 03-25-2019 at 10:36 PM. Reason: add more information.

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    most of my terracottage furnitures are gone now after the update please can you look at it aura? some players also lost theirs
    IGN: Zefie

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    Hello, recently in two day, nobody can play Astral Fantasy Field. Is it bug here?

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    Quote Originally Posted by LuckyWood View Post
    Hello, recently in two day, nobody can play Astral Fantasy Field. Is it bug here?
    The game has just updated, of course it still has (a lots) bugs. The game is not stable.
    Waiting for Aura and Devs look for it, just post here about the bug to report and support them to fix.

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    So are the class awakening books bugged? After a couple of attempts of all failing, starting to wonder if they work.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kurosu View Post
    So are the class awakening books bugged? After a couple of attempts of all failing, starting to wonder if they work.
    It is not bugged, everything works fine. When u craft the Job knowledge collection by Job knowledge page, if u only pay for 250g fees craft, the chance is only 12.5%. Failed is normal, just try again.

    Edit: Since the chance is really really bad, I wish Aura would read my comment and add the item in Shopmall.
    Last edited by Sandora; 03-25-2019 at 10:39 PM.

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