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Thread: My old account

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    My old account


    Im writing here, because Im having trouble getting thru to Aura. Hoping maybe another GM, player (or her) can help me through here.
    I played Aura Kingdom back in 2014-2017. I was Amalie, Ledian etc, if anyone remembers me. Hello

    The thing is, I forgot my password. (But I remember my username) The email associated with my account does NOT exist, as it was a joint email I had with my ex, that I deleted after him and I split up. I can then NOT use "forgot password" feature, as it sends an email to a none-existing email account.

    Is there any other way for me to get my password reset? Cant I answer security questions, or in some way verify that I am the owner. Me and Yozuni wants to come back to the game, but it sucks that I have to start from lvl 1 because of this email issue.

    Thanks for reading !
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    you sound like a account scammer, dumb bitch

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    Quote Originally Posted by YouallS... View Post
    you sound like a account scammer, dumb bitch
    And you sound like a typical ass hole. So fuck off

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yozuki View Post
    And you sound like a typical ass hole. So fuck off
    Keep talking – someday you’ll say something intelligent btw don’t think, it might sprain your brain. fuckface

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