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    TwAR 2019-03-13 NEWS!!! "Starting the Magic of the Soul of Music"

    The soul of the music is played again, the magician shows up!

    In the distant past, there was a group of people who could use music to inspire people and be called by the world as a "string family." They are accompanied by musical instruments and spirits, wandering the world, using music to soothe the soul and bring laughter to the world. Because this powerful force is closely related to the instrument, they call themselves - magic musicians..

    The good times are not common. The battle between the ancient gods and the creation gods has brought the world into turmoil. The chords of the strings eroded by fear and anxiety have thus lost the ability to touch the soul. The final performance skills are also forgotten in the long river of history.
    Fortunately, people have never forgotten music. When a craftsman accidentally created a stringed instrument called "Guitar", the soul with the power of music once again screamed, and then awakened the new string. They have been ready to go for a long time, to the most high-pitched rock music to detonate the world's rock soul!

    The new profession "magic musician" shines on the stage!

    As the name suggests, the magician has the ability to manipulate musical symbols. The tunes they play have the power to resonate with the psychic beasts that accompany them, and to guide them to disturb or attack the enemy with music. In addition, the cast music skills will also get the corresponding notes, with the uninterrupted performance, a specific combination of three notes will increase the power of the magic musician, so that the skills to obtain a strong additional gain.
    Whether in the attack at the same time to treat the amount of blood, or for partners to attach multiple reinforcement effect, the magician can easily reach between the strings!
    As long as they hold instruments in their hands, they will be superstars on the field no matter where they are!

    Enjoy the level of speed pleasure, LV85 comprehensive lightweight!

    Fully adjust the monster strength before Lv85, the exp and monster reward drop rate is greatly improved. Whether it is an adventurer who has just arrived, or a brave star who has encountered bottlenecks on the road to growth, he can play smoothly all the way. The road to the strong is no longer a dream!

    The brave again broke through, the memory of the stars and the expansion of the Holy Energy crystal!

    In the face of the constant emergence of strong enemies, the star Brave also need to be more strengthened to meet the challenges. To this end, the new Star Memoirs partner chapter will be opened, the brave in deepening the understanding of the star Spirit partners at the same time, can gain more power. And the growth of the brave, also liberated the Holy Energy Crystal Star level limit! No longer subject to the existing framework, will be the strength of the brave to the peak!
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    thank you Shien

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    sadly this wont come to the server

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