New Astral Puzzle and Promotions.

New Astral Puzzle [Senshi Fashion Edition]
If you are such a fan of senshis your ultimate goal is to look like them. On this week's astral puzzle edition, we took out of the closet some of the favorite senshi inspired items and bring some new ones to the game aswell! A special table filled with all the senshi items you love to transform into your favorite companions.
- Release of Blossom Costume Set.
- Elven Snow Lore Costume Set.
- Sakura Blossom and Alythia's Orbs.
- Emillia's Mount.
- Melody's Costume and Microphone.
- Aryn Costume Set and Ornament.
- Dark Belle and Belle Costumes.
- Ivor and GoGo.
- Yu Ji and Bishamonten.
- Rin's inspired fashion for both male and female.

AP Promotion: Sweet Days
Grab your cup of tea and join us at 5pm! On this edition of our AP weekly promotions, we will be inspired by the Goddess of Tea with the release of her mounts in our Feature Items. Both versions of her lovely mount, costume weapon and senshi contracts! Plus, sweet fashion and face accessories will make this weekly promotion feel like dessert.

LP Promotion: Fun Animals
If you haven't been lucky enough to get the piggy costumes in our astral puzzle, they will finally make their debut in the LP Store this week. But they won't be standing on their own: a special promotion filled with gorgeous fashion, backpacks and accessories inspired by the sweetest animals of Meridia.

AP and LP Promotions: Still going on consumables
Missing from last week's promo, we will also have all type of enchantment cards in both stores. Senshi Gems at a discounted priced, together with other senshi must-have items like scrolls and upgrade books.

All promotions will be coming to the store this tuesday.