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    Server Maintenance 01/03/2019

    Server Maintenance on March 1st.
    Aprox Duration: Maintenance will take about 2 hours.

    Patch Notes:
    - Fixes to "Sky Tower Norse Accessory Set" dropping from Sky Tower Hell floor 50. If you have one of this boxes and cannot open it at the moment, pm me here or in discord for replacement.
    - Fixes to Sky Tower Hell Chests: All chests from Sky Tower Hell must have shield now. Chests from floor 46 to 50 inside Sky Tower Hell should now give Hero Points.
    - Fixes to Swan, the White Ballerina pet.

    New Sky Tower Hell Adventurer Encyclopedia Exchanger
    You will find this category under the Special Items tab. We added several changes to the sky tower hell exchanger. Prices for Sky Tower Pets, Wings and Costumes has been decreased. Addition of Buff Bags, including two new bags for fruits and food special consumables. Addition of three exclusive Sky Tower Hell panels. Addition of Norse and Awakening accessory boxes. Addition of LV90 Advanced Enchantment Card Box. Addition of PEN Elemental Pets and Aura Pet. Elemental Cube and Marina's Call. Addition of Sky Tower Golden Weapons Bag.

    We also plan to a add a few more exclusive items to the Sky Tower Hell Exchanger in the close future.

    New 2019 Patreons Packs
    Addition to the game of five new packs that will be send to our donators, including a few custom exclusive items and a lot of valuable consumables. The description and details for the packs can be found in here.The packs will be available a couple of hours after maintenance is over, and we will notify once they are available here in forums.

    New Monster Hut Challenge: March
    The new goals for March's Monster Hunt has been already revealed on this thread. Remember, Monster Hunt will be active until March 30, when it enters rest mode.

    New Paragon Table: [Good VS Edition]
    Available for six days, from March 1st to March 7th. An epic battle against the two forces that determine our destiny will take place in the Paragon, and you will have to choose side. The divine will battle against evil in the form of items, so we want to prepare you to give a fight.
    - Golden Weapon conversion scroll in top tier.
    - Release of "Cup Scythes" costume weapons.
    - Amethyst and Amber Lances.
    - Godess of Light and Darkness and Goddess of Good and Evil Shurikens.
    - Justitia and God of War Costumes.
    - Azurian Soldiers Costumes.
    - Rifle Backpacks.
    And much more!

    New AP and LP Promotions: Another Asian Promo
    You might be getting sick of it, but with the amount of asian inspired fashion we get in monthly basis, we have no choice but to make just another asian promo. On the bright side of things, this might just be a good opportunity to grab some eidolons that weren't available through our Eidolon Rampage, or to finally fight against your OCD and complete some empty slots in your Costume Album.

    AP Store
    Release of Iwanaga-hime Key of Gaia. Release of Diao Chan Ceremonial Costume Set. Release of Traditional Blessing Hammers and Backpacks. Providence Costume Sets. Traditional Carriages mounts. And some tasty asian dishes, among other things!

    LP Store
    Sakuya-hime key of gaia. Sakuya hime costume set and Sakura Costume Set. Murasame Costume Set, Sword and Backpack. Modern Samurai Costume. Sakura and Wisteria Costume Books. And more!

    Promotions will be available for one week, from March 1st to March 8th.Promotions will be added a couple of hours after maintenance ends.

    New Bonus Mall: March Edition
    On this month of our Bonus Mall limited edition, we will have a striking cold promotion coming to our players. With the release of Andrea, the Queen of Ice as the main interest, the bonus mall will be filled with cozy items and warm fashion. Eidolons, accesories, backpacks and mounts to complete this chilling promo!

    New Adventurer Encyclopedia Rewards: Break the Limit
    An extra aid to help you break that limit even further with special Card Limit Breakers in display. Basic, Intermediate and Advanced packs will join our most coveted Blessed Packs. An opportunity you shouldn't miss!

    New Login Rewards: March.
    Available once again for one month. In this edition of our login rewards we will give you an extra opportunity to get your hands on that coveted permanent Elemental Cube. Dragon and Loyalty Points, buff items and more to celebrate your daily login!

    Upcoming Content
    Our ETA for the awaited "Balance" Patch is March 14. This will include changes to some left out classes like Grenadier, Necromancer and Gunslinger. We will also add the official Adventurer Encyclopedia Update, which will change the prices of several things including masteries. The patch will also include the changes to the Personal Warehouse. We also have planned March 14 as the official reschedule of our Sky Tower Week event, which will come with the opportunity to get an exclusive Panel for your character!

    I know many of you are extremelly anxious to know when the new maps will be revealed, among with the new level cap and gear. Althought there is no official release date for our server yet, you can expect this content to hit us around the mid of April. Before that happens, we have plans to add the official Nightmare Dungeons and the Holy Chest Feature to the game too.

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    thank you aura and dev
    ᴶᵘˢᵗ ᵃᶰ ᵒʳᵈᶤᶰᵃʳʸ ᵍᶤʳˡ
    SnowBaby Lancer Slv.15 ♥ SailorMeow Sorcerer Slv.15 ♥ iLynx Wizard Slv.15 ♥ l3abyl3unny Katar Slv.15
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    Alynz Bow Slv.12 ♥ lLobster Scythe Slv.12 ♥ Hazlyn Tachi Slv.8 ♥ P4ST3L Holy Sword Slv.1 ♥ l2umor Perfomer Slv.6

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    Thanks you Aura and Dev <3

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    Thanks for the hard work Aura and Dev. BTW, regarding gunslinger in the upcoming rebalance, there are no changes to gunslinger actually.

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    Raiten no ōkoku
    Aura kingdom forever ~♥ thanks for hard work Aura and Devs o/~

    ❁Click Here to My Youtube Battle Guardian❁

    【Battle Guardian SVL5】


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    Quote Originally Posted by Aura View Post
    LP Store
    Sakuya-hime key of gaia. Sakuya hime costume set and Sakura Costume Set. Murasame Costume Set, Sword and Backpack. Modern Samurai Costume. Sakura and Wisteria Costume Books. And more!
    I do quite love me some Eido keys available for LP.

    Thank you, Aura and team!!

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