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    Bonus Mall Promotions: March

    Bonus Mall Promotions: March
    Winter Edition
    It's the last month of the cold and chilling season. And before everything starts blossoming around us, we have one more travel to the snow. With the release of the Goddess of Ice, everything will look crystal clear at our Bonus Mall.

    Eidolon Release: Andrea

    It's chilling outside...

    Unlike her most famous companions, little we know about the Goddess of Ice. A part of the royal family, she controls the ice and snow around her, and her cold magic power will boost the player's potential against fire targets. Pairing up with Elizabeth, another known member of the royal family, her stories will boost the damage that Envoys can make.

    Andrea has choose a very different path than her family; secluded in the Norway Valley, her Crystal Castle is an imposing example of her power. You might think she is distant and cold hearted, but she will devote herself to self her envoy with passion.

    Winter Promotions:
    You will find Andrea and her accessory in two special packages that will allow you to evolve and equip your eidolon easier and at better prices. She will be in the good company of the King of Ice and the handsome Ullr will be a great companion for her. Plus, Elizabeth will be joining this royal teaming in our Bonus Mall. Costumes, wings, mounts and accessories will complete a perfectly chilling opportunity for this month.

    The new promotions will be available from March 1st.

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    Winter, goodbye, we love you but time for flowers to blossom.
    Lets enjoy one more time walk into your whiteness, and feel the thrill of your coldness.

    "Lasto beth nîn, tolo dan nan galad"

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    We Dota of the Ancients now.

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    Who the f*ck is Elsa?

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