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    Server Maintenance 14/02/2019

    Server Maintenance on February 14th.
    Aprox Duration: Maintenance will take about 2 hours.

    Patch Notes:
    - Introduction of New Sky Tower Recruitment Window: Including the option to "Kick from Raid" on Private Group Raids.
    - Introduction of New Sky Tower's Hero Leaderboard Ranking: In order to participate on the monthly Hero Leaderboard Ranking, players will have to complete floors from 46 to 50 inside Sky Tower Classic and Sky Tower Hell Modes. Each time you kill the chests on those floors, a "Jackpot" UI will appear on your window. Poll the lever to try your luck! Players will receive a random amount of Hero Points. Every month, the top 10 players with more Hero Points will receive a special prize, including the introduction of two new items with only one use but that will grant you temporally very over-powered skills.
    - Introduction of Sky Tower New Floors: 41 to 50. Defeat new bosses and join a norse-mythology inspired adventure to learn a new fraction of Azuria's History. The new floors will bring a more complicated challenge to our Envoys, but will also unlock a brand new set of items and rewards: LV90 Intermediate and Advanced Enchantment Cards - New SLV5 Golden Accessory Sets.
    - Rework of Sky Tower Hell: Floor 1 to 40. Sky Tower has storically being the most popular instance and group devoted challenge of our server. Players have achieve new powers and capacities over the years, and Sky Tower was feeling outdated. On today's maintenance, we have both added a new difficulty to Sky Tower Hell and completely changed all drops from the dungeon.
    - New Sky Tower Hell Drops: We have removed everything that felt particularly outdated and changed the drops starting from floor 1. Costumes and furnitures has been mostly replaced with consumables. Level 70 Enchantment Cards has been removed from the raid. New fortune bags has been introduced. Gear and acessories will start dropping at LV85 at the bottom floors and move forward until SLV5 gear and accessories. More masteries bags has been added. To see the new drops on more detail, we recommend you to check the revamped Sky Tower yourself!

    - New Sky Tower / Sky Fantasy Official Schedule:
    - Sky Fantasy will take place every Wednesday at 3am, 9am, 3pm and 9pm (server time) and raids will continue to last for one hour. (Starting on February 27th).
    - Sky Tower Classic and Sky Tower Hell from floor 1 to floor 25 will take place every Friday at 3am, 9am, 3pm and 9pm (server time) and raids will continue to last for three hours. (Starting on March 1st). Completing floor 1-25 will not be mandatory to enter Floor 26-50 raids.
    - Sky Tower Classic and Sky Tower Hell from floor 26 to floor 50 will take place every Saturday and Sunday and 2am, 8am, 2pm and 8pm (server time). You will need a new raid group than 1-25 to enter the raid.
    New Paragon Tables: [Saint Valentine's Edition]
    Available for one week, from February 14th to February 21th. To celebrate the most romantic day of the year, we have not one but two flirty Paragon Tables filled with items and fashion inspired by love. If you don't have a date today, at least you won't have to play with yourself!

    Paragon Table [Romantic Love] Edition
    - Eidolons fragments: Sif, Demeter, Athenea, Hebe, Freya and of course Venus!
    - Sif Costume Set.
    - Queen of the Forest Costume Set.
    - Sif and Hebe Magical Wings.
    - Royal Wedding Dress, Aura Prince and Angel Baby Doll.
    - Wedding Costume and Tuxedo.
    - Bathtubs.
    And more!

    Paragon Table [Hot Date] Edition
    - Food Tucks and Scenario Stages.
    - Angel Nurse Costume Set and Siringe of Love Mounts.
    - Kitty Rockstar Costumes and Sweetheart Idols Costume Weapons.
    - Dessert Costumes.
    - Chronos Fan Costume Sets.
    - Chocolates.
    And more!

    Anniversary Events:
    On February 15, our beloved server is turning 5 years! And to celebrate this great milestone, we have prepare a special set of events to share our happyness with you.

    Sky Tower Week:
    The new floors and the Sky Tower revamp needs some serious playing from all of our players, so you will have to clear your schedule for this new challenge. We will start on Friday, when floor 1 to 25 will be available at 2am, 8am, 2pm and 8pm (server time). Floors 26 to 50 will be available at our usual time too (2am, 8am, 2pm, 8pm server time) on Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday!

    Remember is not mandatory to complete floor 1 to 25 in order to enter floor 26. Sky Fantasy will not be available this following week, and it will return at its new schedule on Wednesday 27.

    Double Exp and Double Mastery EXP
    A time of heavy grinding needs the company of some boosts. We will have double exp and mastery exp starting on February 15 and until February 28th!

    New AP and LP Promotions:
    That grinding will give you a great payoff with the promotions that we will have available for the following 7 days. Special Items will come to the shop and give you a change to become stronger than ever!

    Eidolon Rampage on both Stores
    If you are missing any Gods from your collection, you will find those naughty boys and girls either on AP or LP Shop. Almost every collectable eidolon up to Christmas Fenrir and Alice will be displaying in one of our stores. Plus, special discounts at Eidolon Reroll Scrolls and Rings of Oath in both stores!

    Consumables Promo on both stores
    Life wouldn't be complete without a great consumables promotion. With buffs, bundles, exp items and great discounts at forging scrolls, fortification scrolls and much more!

    Promotions will be available for one week, from February 15 to February 22.

    Upcoming Content
    2019 will be a special reloaded year of content, and we will start working on our busy schedule very soon. On February 21, we have save the date for any upcoming fix that might be needed from today's big patch and some pending issues. On February 28, besides our usual changes to Monster Hunt and our new Daily Login, Adventurer Encyclopedia and Bonus Mall, we will bring to the game changes to the Sky Tower Hell Encyclopedia Exchanger and our new 2019 Donation Packs. (In order to receive the new donation packs, donations from January 1st 2019 will taken into account).

    Our ETA for the new Class Balance Patch and Encyclopedia Update is between March 7th and March 14th. We will then continue to work on the TW Official Nightmare Dungeons, the Holy Chest feature, and much more!

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    Thank you for the hard work everyone, and happy birthday Aura

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    Cool thanks Aura and the dev

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    Ty for hard work aura and devs
    ᴶᵘˢᵗ ᵃᶰ ᵒʳᵈᶤᶰᵃʳʸ ᵍᶤʳˡ
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    thanks for the hard work..
    happy anniversary ! <3

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    Ty for updates. And happy anniversary Aurakingdom(PS)

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    Hears Ocean Waves wherever I go
    Thank you Aura and Dev for hard work. Hype try new floors.
    New drops too but rip furniture recipes for farming sage stones *drops tears*

    Image from dbevil5 youtube
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    "Lasto beth nîn, tolo dan nan galad"

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    OHH thanks Aura

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    Happy 5th anniversary!!

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    farm up! its babe collection time muahahahhahaha

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