New Astral Puzzle and Promotions.

New Astral Puzzle [Oriental Blossoming]
If you are looking for an oriental vibem this week's puzzle will make you feel like a sakura blossoming flower. With the release of the gorgeous Miko Priestess, Jade, our Puzzle will fill every tier of your life with an asian inspired style, including gorgeous Goddesses to add to your collection.
- Jade Senshi Contracts.
- Lele, Miko, Blossom, Kunoichi, and Azusa Senshi Contracts.
- Blossoming Kimono and Loyal Kimono Sets.
- Japanese Rabbits.
- Festival Kimonos.
- Sakura Uniform.
And more!

New AP Promotion: Angel Wings
This week's Promos will give you wings! Fly up to the sky with this week's Feature Items Edition: Gorgeous Wings, Enchantment Cards, Divine Senshis and Costume Weapons to look like a true angel.

New LP Promotion: Home Sweet Home

Fans of cooking will feel this week's promos more than accurate: Our Featured Items will give you everything you need for a wonderful meal. Kitty Cooking Dress Costume Set, Spoons and Forks, Sweet Dessert Fashion, the new Shirley's inspired Staff and much more!

Promotions will be available from February 6th to February 13th.