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    I believe that not just me, I see several people with the same problem, the server is with an unreal lag, outside the moments that was thrown it out of STH, I wonder what's going on, I tried to download another client, but in extracting time has an error. Please do not want to miss Sunday's STH.

    Procedures made
    Full scam in game client
    I contacted the internet provider
    Connection speed test is normal

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    Unfortunately its not a clear determination where lag comes from. To get you an idea what lag is is to explain how the computer and server relationship works.

    Imagine your pc is like this house, the delivery guy that comes is your bytes which is information that the servers need to confirm and record you reaction. The road the delivery guy takes is the internet which bridges the connection to you and the server. The server in turn has its own delivery guys that go to your house to let you know your action has been (or not) confirmed your interaction. Simple, or at least thats the simplicity of premise done correctly.

    Unfortunately there's several factors to cause this lag, sometimes your delivery guy gets lost or even killed and has to be copied then replaced, other times, he has take detours or other routes, other times the server is backed up cause of a ridiculous amount of security, check points and processing. Even the the weather can play a role to your connection.

    On the client side here's several things you can do:

    1. Close other apps, including browser. Google likes to eat alot of ram. If you're torrenting, streaming or watch videos, they take away some of that Ram the moment you alt-tab AK. Ak may not be as resource hungry but its a jealous game.

    2. Check your connection, if you're sharing a network and someone else is doing everything in 1, you get the lag as well.

    3. Check for background programs, normally its an anti-virus or some other updating doing routine work; worse, it could even be a virus itself. Defrag your files when you have the time and routinely clean garbage from the recycle bin, CCleaner is a great help for this.

    4. Clean your hardware(specifically the coolant fan), dust and heat can ruin your pc physically and hence affect its performance.

    5. In-game, lower your Settings to low/minimal, a smaller screen resolution also helps. The lest things it has to render, the better

    6. Get a vpn, a vpn is essentially, a shortcut private road your delivery guy takes and cuts back from the traffic jam in the net. You just need to figure server's location (which around Europe, possibly France or Britain)

    If the problem is server side though, there's very little you can do, you might just have to pick an STH schedule where not many people in your own country are up on the daytime hours.

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    I've done all these steps that I said above, I closed all programs in the background and it did not make any difference. The lag normalized after I used the game installer to repair files, but soon returned to slowness. I do not share the internet with anyone and even the wifi I deactivated to test.

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