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Patch Notes:

New Astral Puzzle [Senshi Fashion Edition]
Senshi are such loved creatures in Meridia, than having them in your Senshi List doesn't feel like quite enough. Of course their contracts are one of the most coveted items in our whole world; but the great thing after having them with you is looking like them! If you have find yourself daydreaming about certain senshi contracts, on this week's puzzle you will have to suffer no more.
- New Lore's Winter Elf Costume Set.
- Nono's Sleigh Mounts.
- Rin's Costume Sets for Boys and Girls.
- Bisha and Sakura Costume Sets.
- Ivor and Aryn Costume Sets.
- Eve and Natasha Costume Sets.
- Dark Belle and Melody Costume Sets.
- Rita Costume Set and Mounts.
- Lore, Rin, Bishamonten, Ivor, Eve, Melody and Rita Senshi Contracts.

New AP and LP Promotions:
Promotions will become available this Tuesday (January 8th) and last for one week.

AP Store and LP Store Consumables Edition!
If you haven't got everything you wanted during the holidays, this week's promotion will be a certain help in the right direction. With a special promotion filled with rare items and great discounts, it will be a great opportunity to start truly working in your gear.
- Guarantee Evolution Scrolls.
- Evolution Gear, Accessory and Trinket Scrolls Bundles with a 50% discount.
- ExP items: keys, stars, cards and Vip Contracts, at discounted prices!
- Buff items: Heart Songs and Phoenix Songs.
- Discounted Backpacks.
- Senshi Crystals and Rerolls with discounted prices.
- Charm Bundles with 50% discounts.
And much more!