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    Server Maintenance 03/01/2019

    Server Maintenance on January 3rd.
    Aprox Duration: Maintenance will take about 2 hours.

    Patch Notes:
    - Christmas Stocking Coins Event Ended. Coins will stop dropping from now on; but you will still be able to exchange your remainings from the Adventurer Encyclopedia after maintenance.
    - Double Experience and Mastery Experience event ended. Time to go back to normal farming!
    - Remember the Best Quote of 2018 Event ends tomorrow.

    New Paragon Table: Time for Power
    Available for one week, from January 3rd until January 10. This week's edition of our Paragon Table will be a new opportunity to get closer to true power. With an edition based entirely on Costume Weapons, you will be able to achieve that powerful look, and make a perfect golden weapon!
    - Golden Weapon Fusion Scroll.
    - Premium Costume Weapons Enchantment Cards.
    - Advanced Costume Weapons Enchantment Cards.
    - Custom Time Magic and Stars of the Universe Staff.
    - Amaris and Marisa Costume Weapons.
    - Etiya and Nidhogg Scythes.
    - Blue Rose Staff.
    - Vow of Heroe Bows.
    - Holy Lances.
    - Axe of the Protectors.
    And much more!

    New AP Promotions: Master of Time
    A Promotion to celebrate the God of Gods, the true Master of Time and Space. With the release of the gorgeous Chronos's 3rd Evolution form costume, we will have a promotion filled with sacred looking items to travel through time, and immortal Gods to fill this journey.
    - Chronos 3rd Evolution Form Costume Release.
    - Chronos Time Travel Costume.
    - Release of Goddess of Good and Evil and Goddess of Dark and Holy Costume Weapons for Shuriken Class.
    - Sword of the Universe and Stars; Amethyst and Amber Lances; Sword of Revelations; Courage and Heart of a Lancer; Book of Time.
    - Chronos's Library Dress, School Uniform and Dance.
    - Copperfield Powers of Levitation Mount.
    - Michael's Holy Armor.
    - Chronos's, Michael's and Ares's Keys of Gaia and Fragments.

    New LP Promotions: Frozen Time
    On the Loyalty Store, time will seem to freeze. A special promotion to celebrate the cold weather, with gorgeous fashion and truly frozen Gods.
    - Ullr's Key of Gaia, Accessory and Fragments.
    - Eirenne's Key of Gaia, Accessory and Fragments.
    - Shirayuki's Key of Gaia and Fragments.
    - Polar Bears and Enchanted Deers.
    - Snowflake Shurikens and Wings.
    - Holiday Dresses and Suits.
    - Queen and King of Ice Costumes.
    - Snow Child Pet.
    - Shirayuki's Snow Kimonos.
    - Fireplaces and comfortable pajames to relax inside in the cold winter!

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    ty aura and dev <3
    ᴶᵘˢᵗ ᵃᶰ ᵒʳᵈᶤᶰᵃʳʸ ᵍᶤʳˡ

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    Gasp! Hope there will be some guns costumes as well in para. And Thank you Aura and dev!!

    credit by Oribani

    Visit my Drawing thread CLICK

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    It's time for more 1% eva gold weapons

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    BBBBRRRRRRRR!!!! Thank you Aura!

    Yay~~~ Moar snow stuff!

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    Thanks as usual Aura and the Dev

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    Thank you aura for your hard work, i dont know i felt like doing that too
    "A smile better suits a hero"

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    Yay, I can get Ullr now :3

    MAX LEVEL: Cecilia667 (guardian)

    Slv5+: Freyja667 (ravager), Naadia667 (duelist), Junko667 (gunslinger), Kanon667 (grenadier), Sophia667 (bard), Morganna667 (witch)

    In progress: Lilith667 (sorceress)


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    Thank you Aura and dev! Time to get that last Ulr key~
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    Thank you Aura and Dev for all the work done all this time.
    Thank you for laughs, cries, angryness sometime *winks*, efforts we had to do, people we meet and become friend with.
    Thank you for the world we play on, coloring our lives with color pencils of joy.
    A new year has arrived and it is the time to say thank you for everything.

    Happy New Year Aura and Developper's !
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