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    finally a para with lots of weap skins there thanks for the hard work!
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    ty Aura/dev
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    Quote Originally Posted by Naellani View Post
    Thank you Aura and Dev for all the work done all this time.
    Thank you for laughs, cries, angryness sometime *winks*, efforts we had to do, people we meet and become friend with.
    Thank you for the world we play on, coloring our lives with color pencils of joy.
    A new year has arrived and it is the time to say thank you for everything.

    Happy New Year Aura and Developper's !
    How do we get the Master of time AP promotion?

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    Quote Originally Posted by nebraskaguy View Post
    How do we get the Master of time AP promotion?
    Am not from AK team but every promotion Ap and LPchange on Friday when Aura ready for change.
    Bonus pts promo change once a month

    so Master of Time will come this Friday
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