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    [New Astral Puzzle and Promotions]

    Astral Puzzle Change On January 2nd.

    New Astral Puzzle [Playing In the Snow]
    Available until Monday 7. Our weekly Astral Puzzle brings to the game new costumes and accessories to celebrate winter in style. Plus, gorgeous mounts to slide yourself in the ice, costumes and accessories to play in the snow!
    - Release of Winter Glory Costume Set.
    - Release of Winter Beanie, Reindeer Hairband and 2019 Celebration Glasses.
    - Release of Nono Sleighs Mounts.
    - Nono Mounts and Golden Siberian Puppies.
    - Winter and University Uniforms.
    And Much More!

    New AP and LP Promotions: Asian Love
    Available from January 2nd until Tuesday 8th.
    A brand new year has arrived and we will celebrate it in an asian style. Both AP, LP and Bonus Mall will be filled with oriental styled costumes, asian gods, sharp costume weapons and beautiful accessories!

    - AP [Blossoming] Edition
    Release of new Shaolin Katanas. Japanese and Bluefly Katanas. Daggers, face accessories, traditional costumes and senshi goddesses: Kuniochi, Blossom and Miko.

    - LP [Fox] Edition
    Release of Golden Fox Lele in the Loyalty Store, in good company of Kitsune. All kind of foxes: cute animals to keep your head warm, gorgeous furry friends to warm, masks and ears to dress up, and cute costumes with a fluffy tail!

    - New Bonus Mall Edition: January
    Release of the gourgeous oriental mirror goddess: let's meet the pretty Jade! She will be coming to the Bonus Mall in company of other Gods; Sakura, Asuza, Yu Ji, Bishamonten, Blast and Laphine! Plus, oriental senshi costumes, mounts and accessories.

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    thanks Aura

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    All the fluffy winter stuffs~ <3 Thank you Aura! Cutie kitsunes and puppers! Kyaaa~ >w<

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