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    IGN: Job

    New generation? Retirement? Okay,Okay...
    "If you really want to be a winner, be someone who does not give up."

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    #1 Taken from Fortune discord

    #2 QUECK (taken from world chat)

    #3 some random pm's

    IGN: Frizy
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    IGN: Jewel

    1. Kimoki's Definition of AK Classes
    From: Entity Guild Discord
    Description: He was having a quiz to match the class to a list of definitions given.

    2. These Tryhards have Great Ideas
    From: Kihuna's slaves Discord
    Description: 10/10 Ideas for Tryhard Runs

    3. We Sheep Them Hard
    From: Entity Guild's Discord/Guild Chat
    Description: Lutz x Kimoki (Lil_Leaf) <3

    4. Friends with Benefits
    From: In-Game Party Chat
    Description: Side Ships in the making. D: Don't cheat on Kimoki, Lutz!

    5. Keep the Main Ship Alive!
    From: Entity Guild Discord & In-Game Guild Chat

    6. Raid Chat Needs to Calm Down
    From: In-Game Region Chat (Entity Raid)
    Description: Just a normal day in Entity Raid, with Kimoki taking abuse.

    7. Need.More.DragonBall!
    From: In-Game Whisper Chat
    Description: He asked me if he can AFK during raid.

    8. The Weebs are Invading!
    From: Entity Guild Discord
    Description: Lutz showing his inner weeb.

    9. That Rare Moment
    From: Entity Guild Discord
    Description: That rare moment when some innuendo goes over my head. They usually don't.

    10. I Saw the Future
    From: Entity Guild Discord/In-Game Region Chat (Entity Raid)
    Description: I passed lead to Zinc/Lutz sometime November.

    11. Trap Kingdom
    From: In-Game Guild Chat
    Description: When you thought you found a cute gf online.

    12. Aura Knows You Can't Find Some Sugar
    From: In-Game Trade Chat

    13. Blocking Goes Both Ways
    From: Entity Guild Discord
    Description: How many can you block indeed.

    14. Acronyms
    From: Entity Guild Discord
    Description: Making acronyms from the guild name.

    15. Epic Announcements
    From: In-Game Chat
    Description: Maybe he still wants that unban.


    Sincerely hoping I haven't accidentally added an entry with offensive language. /).(\
    Happy New Year,!

    Jewel Verastella Rozelle
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    Jewel Sapphire
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    Stuffs I forgot

    #3 because I can't count on the first reply - GK-worth:

    #7 - Complaining helps (From TFD guild chat, I dropped the s5 box a few seconds after complaining about not getting any in a while)

    #8 - Mems:

    IGN: Trauma because I forgot on first reply too, Grate brein

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    FengXiu redux, because I found some oldies from spring/summer.

    Source: World Chat from early June 2018

    #4: The follow-up
    Source: Navea General Chat, right after #3

    FengXiu - Itzal - Beichan

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    Congratulations to our winners! Prizes will be delivered tomorrow.
    On a side note: as the event rules stated, entries couldn't be edited, reason why more than half of our participants end up disqualified.

    Quote Originally Posted by ReAlive View Post
    #1 When Antichrist bully Jesus

    Quote Originally Posted by Aggro View Post
    My time has come

    #1 - Good recruitment
    Quote Originally Posted by Frozzbite View Post
    IGN: HyungSeok

    #2 I could'nt agree anymore

    (Source: Fortune guild discord)
    Quote Originally Posted by Jewel View Post
    IGN: Jewel

    13. Blocking Goes Both Ways
    From: Entity Guild Discord
    Description: How many can you block indeed.
    Quote Originally Posted by Hanbeichan View Post
    IGN: FengXiu

    #1: Fengception?
    Source: World Chat when I was doing soet spam
    Quote Originally Posted by Blusy View Post
    1. The Biggest DMG Secret

    Source: TLN Party
    IGN : Taco
    Quote Originally Posted by Miluria View Post
    IGN: Miluria
    2. World Chat
    Quote Originally Posted by VvdcoutinhO View Post
    #1 - we were talking about dreams
    IGN : Vvdv
    Quote Originally Posted by llYumell View Post
    IGN : _Yume_

    No Need to Pretend to be Laggers

    PS: sorry gotta change the names, don't want to taint his/her name cause of this xD
    PSS: blame someone who gave me the ss ;D
    Quote Originally Posted by Alchemist View Post
    IGN: Job

    New generation? Retirement? Okay,Okay...

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